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Find And Read Exciting Interactive Graphic Novels On Your iDevice

Are you into graphic novels? Are you new to the genre? No matter where you are on the spectrum this amazing collection of apps will bring you the best Graphic Novels the App Store has to offer.

CIA : Operation Ajax the Interactive Graphic Novel for iPhone
Bottom of the Ninth 01
Twilight, The Graphic Novel, Lite, Volume 1
Helga Deen. The Last Night.

Helga Deen. The Last Night.

White Mouse Publishing

Helga Deen, is a 32-page graphic novel with based on a true story created and directed by the international award-winning director Dario Picciau and award-winning writer Roberto Malini.

Helga Deen is an Holocaust Victim and the authoress of a diary, which is preserved today in the Regional Archive of Tilburg (Holland). She was in the final year of senior school in Tilburg when she and her family were arrested and deported to Vught on April 1st, 1943.

“We decided to dedicate a graphic novel to Helga Deen for the symbolic and educational value of her story, the story of her last night at Vught, when the german soldiers pulled hundreds of children from the sheds and sent them, in livestock wagons, to the gas chambers in Poland.

Helga Deen, like Anne Frank, has become a symbol of the Jewish girls and women of the Holocaust who in many cases sacrificed their own lives to ease the suffering of the most vulnerable people in the death camps.

Helga's story is a part of Humane Society's Heritage and today, more than ever, in a constantly changing world in which human values are being lost, it is important to remember it, in order to understand our present and to contribute to building a just and better future for the next generations". - Dario Picciau

To narrate such an important story, White Mouse Publishing and the authors have worked together to apply the impressive visual effects of the Living Comic System® Technology, to the 32 pages the Graphic Novel.

Here are some of the main features:

Ultra high definition Living Comic System animated pages

Just touch any vignette to activate the Living Comic System and bring the images to Life.

32 breathtaking High Definition pages, 99 stunning artworks digitally created and animated with "Living Comic System® technology”.

Enter deeper into the Story with music and sound effects.

Activate the Auto-play and just enjoy the story.

A new deeper lever of lectures with short history notes.

Enjoy the reading. Text automatically resize to fit your device!

And much more...

For more information or support please visit

CIA : Operation Ajax the Interactive Graphic Novel for iPhone

CIA : Operation Ajax the Interactive Graphic Novel for iPhone

Cognito Comics

Note - this version does not run correctly on iPad. We are working on a fix, but the iPad version runs beautifully :)

"One of the coolest media experiences I've seen on the iPad" --New York Times

"You can just see the story. You can dig down deeper and see the actual CIA documents. You can identify with people in it. And you can learn about a fledgeling democracy."
--Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

"The content dynamically recomposes itself as you change panels -the music slightly alters, as do the images. It creates a film-like setting that aims to enhance the experience without interfering with the reading." --Huffington Post


* Finalist - Flurry App Spotlight Awards - more than 700 apps submitted
..."we were blown by your layout of content, and believe all magazines should take lessons from you guys. The interactivity was amazing."

* Finalist 148Apps Best App Ever Awards - Comic Category - over 1.5 million votes cast

* Top Three Mobile Apps Showdown - CES 2012

* FWA Mobile App Of The Day (MOTD) Award for 26th January 2012.

Story Description:

Cognito is proud to present, in collaboration with best-selling author Stephen Kinzer, the true life spy thriller, CIA : Operation Ajax. As the value of oil explodes in world markets, global power brokers begin to take interest in the ruling political regimes of the Middle East. In Iran, British agents have controlled oil exports for a generation. The shah is holding on to a shaky peace as a new charismatic leader enters the scene. Secret deals, underground rumors of revolt, and dark plots of government overthrow are employed by American, British, and Persian agents. Iran's oil would flow, by any means necessary. Every actor has a stake in the game. No one can be trusted. Nothing is as it seems.

Learn about the incredible true history of the CIA plot to stage a coup of Iran's government. Recently declassified documents, historic photos, and actual film reels from the era are embedded into the story. See Eisenhower, Churchill, the Dulles brothers, Mossadegh, and the Shah in a whole new light.

Watch the full Operation Ajax trailer at!

Read the full first chapter in the iPhone version, ad free.

Technical Specs:

CIA : Operation Ajax is a revolutionary new way to experience a graphic novel. Combining subtle animation with a full film score, the story unfolds in a groundbreaking cinematic reading experience.

Download the full version to read the whole story and experience all of these extra materials!

- 210 page interactive comic with sound and animation
- 22 character dossiers loaded with historical photos and notes
- 9 historical newsreel videos
- Authentic CIA documents
- Extra content embedded throughout.

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Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel

Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel

Anomaly Productions, Inc.

SHIFTER the Interactive Graphic Novel has arrived! Innovative use of parallax animation and interactivity is masterfully woven together to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled scope, featuring the amazing voice talents of **WIL WHEATON**!

*** NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4s and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) ***

What if you could soar with the birds – not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? What if you could become any animal in the world or, better yet, anybody in the world? What if you could become any creature that has ever existed (and some you never believed could exist)?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Shifter, the latest full-color graphic novel from Anomaly Productions. Shifter is a sci-fi murder mystery with a unique perspective, a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the depths of humanity’s evil and the tremendous powers of the animal kingdom.

Following in the revolutionary footsteps of the ANOMALY Interactive Graphic Novel, SHIFTER lets YOU choose how YOU want to enjoy this sublime Hitchcockian murder-mystery with a decadent sci-fi twist. Read on your own or listen to a cast of eight actors, drawn from FILM, TELEVISION and VIDEO GAMES lend their brilliant voice talents to breathe life into each spoken role. This is not “books-on-CD” narration… This is the best of AUDIO CINEMA, complete with music, sound effects and so much more!

Enjoy the first chapter for free, then unlock the rest of the content to experience:
- 9 Epic Chapters
- 200 Fully Painted Pages
- 65 Interactive Touch Points
- 875 Panels of Art
- 2½ Hours of Audio

Discover more at

Wil Wheaton, Dave Fennoy, Olivia d’Abo, Allyson Ryan, Anthony Cistaro, Keith Szarabajka, David Lodge and Ryan Cooper. Don’t just take our word for it -- IMDB them!

A fully interactive appendix is included. There are over sixty entries detailing the characters, places and objects in the Shifter universe. Let Jeeves the alien computer show you the story behind the story.


A graphic novel is nice. A graphic novel that reads to you with cinematic-level voice acting is what previous generations could only dream about… That dream is now REALITY! Evocative musical scores set the mood for dynamic voice acting. The entire experience is further heightened by professional-grade sound effects that bring together a “digital book” done in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before! (With the exception of our other interactive graphic novel, ANOMALY!)

Explore each gorgeous, painted panel at your leisure. Go ahead. We can wait…

Extensive PARALLAX lends motion in ways no static page ever could. “Get pulled into the action” in a very literal way. Simply tap when you’re ready to move on.

And did we mention we’ve got internet, voice and acting phenom, WIL WHEATON, in SHIFTER’S leading role? Oh, yeah. We went there…and he brought it!


Sit back and relax… Auto-play will “act out” SHIFTER for you without the need to so much as lift a finger. Want letters out of the way? Turn them off! This is as close as any graphic novel can possibly get to the theater experience without being fully animated!

Anomaly: Interactive Graphic Novel

Anomaly: Interactive Graphic Novel

Anomaly Productions, Inc.

ANOMALY the Interactive Graphic Novel. Combines parallax animation and interactivity to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled proportions.

** NOTE: Not compatible with iPad 1 **

Far beyond any book or eBook, the ANOMALY APP lets YOU choose how YOU want to enjoy this groundbreaking work that’s setting the publishing world on fire! At the heart of this adventure is a cast of 15 actors, drawn from FILM, TELEVISION and VIDEO GAMES, lending their amazing voice talents to bring over 90 speaking roles to life!

Enjoy the first chapter for free and then unlock the rest of the content to experience:
-300 Page Epic Sci-fi/Fantasy Story
-Over 1500 Panels of Art with Incredible Parallax Animation
-3 and a Half Hours of Professionally VoiceActed Audio
-Over 175 Informational Touch Points to learn the story behind the story
-3 Different reading modes

Discover more at


Vincent Corazza, Olivia D’Abo, Dave Fennoy, Ryan Cooper, Nana Visitor, John Bentley, Hudson Leick, Richard Doyle, Lauren Storm, Joseph Culp, Anthony Cistaro, David Lodge, Molly Hagan, Keith Szarabajka & Vic Polizos. Don’t just take our word for it. IMDB them!




A Graphic novel is nice. A Graphic novel that reads to you with movie-level voice acting is what previous generations could only dream of in their wildest fantasy! That dream is now REALITY! This is much more than “book-on-CD” type narration. This is “digital books” done in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before!

Explore each gorgeous panel at your leisure. Go ahead. We can wait…

Extensive PARALLAX lends motion in ways no static page ever could. Simply tap when you’re ready to move on.

Sit back and relax… Auto-play will “act out ANOMALY for you” without any additional input. Don’t want the letters in the way? Turn them off! This is as close as any graphic novel gets to a theater experience without being fully animated!

PHALLAINA : La 1ère “bande défilée“

PHALLAINA : La 1ère “bande défilée“

France Télévisions

Phallaina est la première “bande défilée“, une bande dessinée numérique originale et entièrement gratuite de Marietta Ren.
Disponible en français et en anglais, l’expérience proposée est optimisée pour une lecture sur tablette.
En sélection officielle au Festival International de la BD d’Angoulême 2016, cette “bande défilée” en scrolling horizontal propose un nouveau format pensé pour les écrans mobiles invitant à une nouvelle expérience de lecture.
Phallaina est le récit intime d’une transformation personnelle, mêlant sciences cognitives et mythologie.

Compatibilité : Compatible avec l’iPhone 5 et ultérieur, l’iPad 2 et ultérieur. Cette app est optimisée pour l’iPhone 5, l’iPhone 6, l’iPhone 6 Plus, l’iPad Air et l’iPad Retina.

Une Bande défilée digitale en scrolling horizontal
Phallaina, c’est 1h30 de lecture pour 1600 écrans d’iPads.
Pour avancer dans l’histoire, il suffit de scroller au fil de cette « bande défilée » sans cases toute en effets de transitions.
L’application peut être utilisée par toute la famille grâce à l’utilisation de marque-pages personnalisés.

À la frontière des sciences cognitives et de la mythologie
Découvrez l’histoire d’Audrey, une jeune fille qui souffre de crises hallucinatoires au cours desquelles elle voit des baleines. En lui faisant passer des examens, un neurologue décèle chez elle un physeter, une structure anomalique qui permet à ses porteurs de rester longtemps en apnée.

À la frontière des sciences cognitives et de la mythologie, ce récit intime d’une transformation personnelle interroge le rôle des croyances sur nos vies.

Des effets de parallaxe et une création sonore originale
Découvrez cette bande dessinée numérique tout en jeux d’échelles et de transition à travers des effets de parallaxe donnant de la profondeur au récit et entrez dans l’univers de la création sonore originale.

Une application bilingue sélectionnée au Festival International de la BD d’Angoulême 2016
Entrez dans le bel univers noir et blanc de Marietta Ren, qui associe roman graphique, manga et cinéma d’animation dans cette création originale d’un nouveau genre.
Disponible en français et en anglais, l’expérience proposée est optimisée pour une lecture sur tablette.
En sélection officielle du Festival International de la BD d’Angoulême 2016, cette “bande défilée” en scrolling horizontal propose une nouvelle expérience de lecture.

© France Télévisions – Small Bang 2016




EXCLUSIVE TO APPLE DEVICES. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Stricken - Chapter One is an exciting, gripping, immersive soundtrack-driven Graphic Novel unlike any other.

Reviews Online:
"Beauuuutiful hand-crafted illustrations, detailed and polished enough so nothing interrupts perceptions. Animation, original soundtrack and sounds – everything executed the way it should. And finally, a rich interactive visual and acoustic experience – something very close to be called unique."

Catherine, CompoundConcept Team

Love Stricken?
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And register your interest in Chapter 2!
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for the latest developments.

Developed exclusively for iOS devices. This is the first of three Chapters set in the fictional world of MossTown - an exciting and heart-pounding read. ** Note - for the full experience, ** please wear headphones ** to immerse yourself in this unique world.

Chapter 2 and 3 are in development.

- Beautifully crafted illustrations!
- Unique composed film Soundtrack and Sound FX!
- More than 140 Illustrated cells!
- Over 40 pages of story and soundtrack!

For fans of Graphic Novels/Films/Games such as Sin City, se7en and Max Payne - this Graphic Novel is the perfect experience.

Bottom of the Ninth 01

Bottom of the Ninth 01

Ryan Woodward Art & Animation

Bottom of the Ninth is the first animated graphic novel of it's kind, created by Hollywood artist, Ryan Woodward (The Avengers, Ironman 2 , Spider-man 2&3, The Iron Giant(1998) etc.)
In the year 2172, Tao City bleeds New Baseball, an artificial gravity enhanced version of the traditional sport. Candy Cunningham, 18, finds herself facing a fierce batter and offended fans who never imagined a girl on the pitchers mound.
Enjoy the feeling of a classic comic book, enhanced with touch activated voices, 2D/3D animation and music. It's a whole new storytelling experience. Baseball legend, Dale Murphy, (Atlanta Braves, 2-time MVP) lends his voice as "The Murph", a retired pro gone announcer.

Key Points:
1. First animated graphic novel of it's kind - this is a whole new form of interactive storytelling.
2. Classic comic book feel enhanced with feature film quality 2d and 3d animated panels.
3. 2-time MVP Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves) lends his voice as a fictional ex-pro turned announcer
4. Original music score and touch activated voices for every word bubble.
5. This completely original story entertains on several different layers and attracts interest from a variety of demographics including, baseball fans, comic readers, animation enthusiasts, etc.)

Dystopia Horror Graphic Novels (Episode 1)

Dystopia Horror Graphic Novels (Episode 1)

Jonathan Corner

A graphic novel styled interactive horror story. Full of jumps, mini games and a supernatural story experience released in each episode.

The Dystopia Chronicles is designed to tell a fantastical horror story in the form of graphic novels straight on your IPad and mixed with brainteaser mini games to give you an interactive experience throughout the story.

The Plot - a dark dimension called Dystopia is a place full of dark creatures and demons that are crossing over into our world. This episodes storyline is based around the main character Max Dresden, a detective that encounters the horrifying aftermaths of these creatures through his investigations. There is a vast intricate underlying storyline which you’ll get to unravel through each of the episodes…We can’t give it all away!

As well as your typical comic styled speech bubbles with still images, we’ve also injected it with animation in parts. So whether your into graph novels, creepypasta, a horror read generally or you like watching your horror movies and TV Series. The Dystopia Chronicles gives you a mixture of the two told in bitesize episodes.

- For best quality, only currently available on iPad

- Great graphics mix between still graphic novel images and animation

- Chilling sound effects to add to the experience and the jumps throughout (so best to have your sound on for the full effect)

- Mini game brainteasers that form part of the story for an interactive experience

- The menu section allows you to easily and quickly select scenes you may have missed or want to replay (or skip should you want to)

- An intricate and compelling horror story, where the plot will build with each issue

This is the first pilot episode of TDC and we are keen to hear your thoughts and hopefully your support for the release of further episodes. It would be great to hear from you, so please do leave a review and get in touch with us at:

Twitter - @DystopiaRIP
Facebook - @DystopiaRIP
Website -

Kong: King of Skull Island 2

Kong: King of Skull Island 2

Joseph DeVito

It's like nothing you've ever seen. Get ready for a new kind of interactive reading and viewing experience based on the magnificent illustrated novel KONG: King of Skull Island.

1932: American entrepreneur Carl Denham arrives in New York City with a captive god—King Kong. The rest is history!

This ground-breaking app begins twenty-five years later: Paleontologist Vincent Denham returns to Kong's Skull Island lair to search for his missing father. Vincent unravels the stunning story behind the island's ancient civilization, the colossal Wall that shields the natives from the island's prehistoric monsters, and the truth behind King Kong's very existence.

Follow Vincent's struggle to survive in a richly imagined and beautifully illustrated world filled with mysteries and dangers beyond his wildest imaginings. Fight for your life as lightning rips into the Wall, forcing the villagers to ward off waves of voracious deathrunners. Witness the young Kong's epic battle to become a King against a terrible adversary stronger and more vicious than himself. Ride wild 'sleeks' in primordial seas, meet the ancient and wise Storyteller, the beautiful, mysterious Kara, murderous pirates, and the evil tribal shaman, Bar-Atu.

Come aboard for an exciting voyage to adventure. It's the kind of experience you'll return to again and again, always finding something new. Explore Kong's kingdom with KONG: King of Skull Island!

Brought to you by Copyright 1957 Apps with a forward by special effects legend Ray Harryhausen and exclusively endorsed by the estate of King Kong's creator, Merian C Cooper.