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Let The Light Shine On These Puzzle Games

Puzzle games that use light to challenge your thinking. You may reflect light, adjust shadows, move cones of light, and more. These games give you a new appreciation for the way light travels based on the position of various objects. Let the light shine on these puzzle games.

◈ Symmetry: Path to Perfection
Helsing's Fire
Spectral - Light Puzzle
Spectral - Light Puzzle

Spectral - Light Puzzle

Max Palmer

Spectral is a beautifully designed atmospheric game of logic and problem solving!

Can you solve each puzzle in the fewest moves possible?
Reflect, pass through filters & combine colors to make the right color to exit!
• Simple swipe to move control system.

• No ads! :D No recurring In-App Purchases  - I know how annoying they are!

• Unique gameplay mechanics using rules of light.
• Over 80 levels of carefully crafted brain-twisting puzzles for absolutely free!

• Over 200 levels if you support me as an indie developer :)
(If you do support me, 200 levels will be shared across all your devices!)

• Stunning & unique level menu design never before seen.  -> Choose your own path & explore the network! 
• Levels get more and more complex the further from the center you go.

• Reveal a quote after completing each level!
• Beautiful particle effects & satisfying animations.
• Relaxing ambient atmosphere with custom sound design (Best with headphones)
• HD & Retina support.
• GameCenter Achievements.
• In-Game stats.
• Improve problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

Find your way.

I'm always listening to your suggestions to improve Spectral. Contact me if you have any issues. (I can't reply to comments here!)
[email protected] or twitter: @mxplmr 
thanks! :)

Lazers Puzzle. Colored rays

Lazers Puzzle. Colored rays

Ruslan Goncharenko

This simple-looking puzzle contains many difficult and very difficult (!) tasks.

You have a laser source and objects that change the light ray:
mirrors reflect 90 degrees,
prisms passed through and refract,
tunnels act as portals,
and "tees" cut through the ray.

Move figures to place them so that the laser ray will passed through the target.

The game is absolutly free. The game does not contain internal purchases or other hidden charges.

New levels coming soon !



Beder Studios

NOTE: Optia syncs progress across devices! Please see below for directions.

Optia is a beautiful, immersive physics game about reflected light. You must activate all targets in each level with a laser beam, powering the transition to the next.

Fortunately, your puzzle-solving instincts come in handy here! Using a clever assortment of mirrors, you can reflect a beam in any direction, split it into two separate beams (or four, or eight, or sixteen...), and if you must, sacrifice your own laser to clear a path to that last target.

And Optia doesn't end there! After cutting your teeth on the main campaign, you can create your own levels and upload them for others to play.

With 100 main levels, more than one thousand user-created levels, and a polished ecosystem for creating, playing, and rating new levels, you never really need to stop playing Optia. And you can decide if that's a good thing.

- Featured in Apple's New & Noteworthy
- Winner of Applied Arts Magazine Award for Game Design



- To sync levels across devices, unlock the level editor by completing 30 levels. Then, in the Editor level menu (the wrench icon), create an alias and a password. Finally, load Optia on your second device, go to the Editor menu, and log in.

- Load a previously solved level with its solution by tapping the level's colored dot in the level menu.

- When scrolling through the level menu, tap the Optia logo to jump back to the level you're currently playing.