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Track The Moon Phases With The Best Moon Map Apps

The moon is so mysteriously cool. It sits in the sky night after night playing it's giant part in the existence of our planet, but what do you actually know about the moon? This collection of apps will help to take away some of the mystery and teach you tons of cool stuff that you never knew before. The apps touch on the moon's location, phases and so much more.

Moon Phase Photo Maps
Moon Globe HD
Moon Globe
Moon Phase Photo Maps

Moon Phase Photo Maps


Not just a Moon Map! Rather a series of actual photos of the phases of the Moon with prominent features marked and named. This makes it easy to identify features on the Moon as you are seeing them as they really are, not as an idealized representation on a map. Each Map gives priority to features on the terminator (the line between day and night on the Moon), as the low sun angle makes them stand out more. As craters recede from the terminator they become less prominent and are generally not indicated.

Opening screen shows the current Moon - navigate to other phases by swiping to each side then tap to reveal the detailed map of each phase. Layers can be added or removed depending on your requirements:
* For beginning observers using binoculars, just the names of seas can be revealed in Latin or English.
* For telescope users, the names of craters and other major features can be revealed.
* For advanced telescope users, an extra layer reveals smaller details such as Faults (F), Rilles (R) and Valleys (V).

Overall Features:
* 30 images of the Moon, 18 of the waxing moon, the Full Moon and then 11 of the waning Moon (there are less of these as they generally occur in the morning hours and are less often observed).
* Images can be shown North up or South up depending on telescope settings and location.
* Maps can be shown mirror reversed if required for your telescope orientation.
* Search for major feature names of waxing and waning Moon.

Moon Globe HD

Moon Globe HD

Midnight Martian

Moon Globe HD is, well, fantastic. This universal app has already been optimized for the iPad 2. We love that the developer actually recommends the free version over the paid version for most of its users! The description clearly says that unless you are a moon fanatic that needs the ultrahigh resolution included in the HD version, that you should download the free version instead. So, if you are someone that craves really great-looking moon images, then grab the HD version. There is a really cool feature that lets you view the moon as it looks from your location. You can also browse the moon’s globe as you would in Google Earth. Moon Globe and Moon Globe HD are the essential moon map apps.

Day and Night - World Map HD

Day and Night - World Map HD

See where in the world it is daylight, twilight and nighttime with the Day and Night World Map HD. Solar eclipses are shown as well.

The high definition animated map fast forwards or rewinds time at different speeds so you can watch the daylight and night move across the planet. The app features preset season settings and the option to select a specific date/ time.

• World map: 5 different map Looks
• Shows daylight, night and three levels of twilight.
• Shows the current position of the sun and moon.
• High Definition quality.
• Animated and scrollable World Map.
• Fast Forward or Rewind time at different speeds.
• Select 7 different speed intervals to view the animated map.
• Synchronizes to show the correct time within the app (*).
• Choose a Season (March Equinox, June Solstice, September Equinox, December Solstice).
• Solar eclipses with accurate times; select an eclipse to see day/night as well as sun and moon positions during the eclipse

(*) Synchronization requires an Internet Connection and does not update the device clock, only the time shown in the app.

Map is based on images from the NASA Visible Earth Project.

Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon

IT Brauerei GmbH

Where is the sun? How high will it be? When will it be on my balcony?

If you are a photographer, filmmaker, architect, garden/terrace/balcony owner or any other kind of sun lover, this is your app!

Use different Views depending on the information you want:

- compass view: see a top down compass with the sun positions. Use it to see the position in relation to your device heading.

- augmented reality: hold your device in the air, to see if and when the sun will shine down to you. This is great to plan your photographs, videos or your sunbathing time.

- map view: on the map, you can see the sun positions and the beam of sunlight. With a slider, you can calculate the time for the optimal sunlight angle. Of course, you can move the map around to see the effects for any desired spot.

- data view: all the detailed position data listed for any time and location.



CDV Concepts

Moon is a perfect resource to help you learn about the moon. Moon constantly updates a panel of information that tells you everything you want to know about the moon.

*3D Moon model (Drag shadow to change moon phase)
*Lunar Phase
*Lunar Illumination
*Lunar Azimuth (where it is in the sky)
*Lunar Altitude (angle above the horizon)
*Distance to the moon (in miles, kilometers, feet, meters, Eiffel Towers, and Earths)
*Phase Timeline (Shows all the major lunar events around a date)
*Lunar Eclipse Information

Benefits over free version:
Phase Timeline on iPhone
Ability to drag the lunar shadow to change date
Ad free

Moon also allows you to research information about the moon at ANY date in past or in the future. You could look up what the lunar phase will be on, say, your 10 years.

With Moon you can also schedule notifications for full or new moons so you will always be ready to handle the mysterious things that happen during full moons.

*Constantly updated moon information for your current location or any location you choose.
*Ability to research moon information for ANY date EVER based on your current location or any location you choose
*Full and new moon notifications
*Add Full/New moon dates to your calendar
*Custom Location settings
*No internet connection required

Please email [email protected] with any comments, suggestions, or questions.

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


This app provides the ideal guide for observing the Moon with binoculars or a telescope! The Chart is based around a spectacular new image of the Moon taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - it is actually a mosaic of over 1300 images taken with the Sun at just the right angle above the horizon, revealing the Moon's features in amazing detail.

Suitable for beginners and advanced viewers, the chart marks and names all major lunar features (seas, craters and mountains) on the nearside of the Moon. The perfect guide for a night's viewing! Features of the app include:

* Optional moon phase: shows current position of the terminator (the line between night and day on the Moon - this is the best place to view lunar features).
* setting of moon phase for any date and time! plus ability to jump forward or back in hour or day intervals.
* Option to have chart north or south up.
* Option to have image mirror reversed.
* Red filter option.
* Option to turn off names of seas.
* Option to turn off names of craters.
* Option to turn on grid lines and coordinates.
* Index of named craters, tap takes to crater.
* On initial screen, only names of seas are shown; as zoom begins, crater names appear.