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Personalize Your Music With These Great Apps

Streaming music is huge. Millions of listeners are now turning to music streaming instead of listening to the radio. These awesome apps allow you to customize your own listening experience by giving songs you like a 'thumbs up' and those you don't a 'thumbs down'. That way you hear more of what you want to hear.

Pandora: Music & Podcasts
Deezer: Music & Podcast Player
Stingray Music
Jango Radio - Streaming Music

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

Pandora Radio
Pandora: Music & Podcasts


Pandora Media, Inc.

A free music and radio app that learns from what you like

Pandora is a free music and radio option that allows you to create radio stations based around the artists and songs you like. You can customize your stations even further by voting up or down the songs that play. It has a good library of tunes, but not as comprehensive as some of the other options available.



Slacker, Inc.

LiveXLive Powered by Slacker, formerly Slacker Radio, is a totally reimagined music streaming app that lets you listen to your favorite music and watch live streaming performances for free, all in one place

Slacker only has about 10 million songs compared to the 14-15 million of a Mog or Spotify. However, Slacker does claim to have more than 10 times as many songs as Pandora. It also has some distinct advantages over the top apps on this list. For example, Slacker has a free version, which works on mobile devices. It also features more than music, with comedy, news, and sports stations. A Slacker Premium membership adds on-demand music features to Slacker's Internet radio. These on-demand features are not as robust as those of other apps; I had to delve two to three levels into the menu just to delete a playlist. You also cannot scan through parts of a song. Overall though, Slacker has some nice features and the prospect of combining on-demand music with an excellent personal radio service may be enough to justify the $9.99/month cost of Slacker Premium for some.

Also Good

Apps with average score

Discover music
Deezer: Music & Podcast Player
Deezer: Music & Podcast Player

Deezer: Music & Podcast Player


You can download the Deezer app, but after I logged in with my Facebook account, I was informed that Deezer's music services are not yet available in the United States. It's a shame, since Deezer has over 15 million licensed tracks and 30,000 radio channels. We'll hopefully see them soon.

Stingray Music
Stingray Music
Stingray Music

Stingray Music

Stingray Group Inc.

We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to. Listen to music channels lovingly curated for all the moments that matter this Christmas season. Perfect for when you just want to sit back and stream great tunes! Listen to your favorite carols, jingles and classic holiday songs.

Absolutely FREE....

Craft your own radio station
Jango Radio - Streaming Music

All the music, none of the audio ads: that's Jango Radio Mobile

Jango Radio - Streaming Music

Jango Radio - Streaming Music


Jango Radio Mobile is very much like Pandora, in that you create your station based on your favorite genre or artists. However, you can also choose from premixed channels based on moods, occasion, or genre. While Jango is ad-supported, the ads are all visual and you don't get interrupted by...

RadioTunes - Curated Music
RadioTunes - Curated Music
RadioTunes - Curated Music

RadioTunes - Curated Music

Digitally Imported, Inc.

RadioTunes offers over 90 channels of the best music available in a variety of genres. Each one is programmed by a real channel manager who is an expert in that style of music. Find all your favorite styles including Pop, Rock, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Smooth Jazz, Romantic, Easy Listening, International...



SongCast, Inc Apps

True. Music. Discovery.

SongCast is the best way to discover Independent Music.

Enjoy new music from all of your favorite genres including; Alternative, Blues, Comedy, Country, Dance, Electronic, Easy Listening, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Pop, R&B Soul, Reggae, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, World & More!

Listen free on all mobile...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases




MusicSense is a personalized music streaming app with deep user understanding which brings you the best music from radio stations.
What if listening to the best playlist with all your favorite songs and artists was just one click away?

Music sense knows your music tastes and gives you the exact song, artist or genre you want to listen to. It is your personalized radio, that evolves with you and gives you the best music you want to play for every moment. It is a playlist maker that allows you to discover new music and listen to your old favorite songs. All it takes is one click.

This playlist maker feeds you personalized music suggestions based on your location, music preferences, and previous activity.
MusicSense stands out from other services like Pandora or Spotify. Its new technology allows a complete user understanding. With MusicSense you will have your life's soundtrack.

Why is MusicSense different?
• You get your personal music playlist from the beginning.
• This smart playlist is created based on your music preferences. MusicSense automatically reviews the radio stations near you, your music collection, your plays, likes, dislikes, and skips.
• It is time saving, just press play and MusicSense will feed you the music you like.
• You can create a new playlist by clicking on a song or by typing an artist, album or genre into the search field.
• Discover new music you are going to love in an easy and effortless way.
• Smart design and easy to use interface.
• Ad free
• You have unlimited skips.
• Available on your iPhone or iPad​.

• Use the Like and Dislike button to improve your smart playlist
• Generate new music feed from every song, artist, album or genre.
• Add songs to Favorites by pressing the ‘star’ button, and edit the list at any time.
• Listen offline to the songs you add to Favorites.

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Lugna Favoriter

Lugna Favoriter

Nordic Entertainment Group

Welcome to a brand new radio experience, and a unique direct link to the music you love and the artists behind it!

• Lugna Favoriter and 20 additional radio stations in one app!
• Listen to Lugna Favoriter for free
• Follow your favorite artists on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly in the feed
• Live - Listen to live broadcasts
• Play - Catch up with favorite programs you have missed, or re-listen to episodes over and over!
• Podcasts
• Fall asleep to your favorite music using the sleep timer
• Stream the music wirelessly to AirPlay-and Chromecast compatible devices

Radiolla – Metamodern Radio

Radiolla – Metamodern Radio

Artem Bandur


Free 7-channel non-commercial radio without ads, playing carefully selected music.

Radiolla - downtempo, easy listening
Jiraffe - jazz, funk, fusion
Volta - electronic, ambient
Equalyza - hip hop, dub
Mantra - world, ethnic, spiritual
Ilma - classical, contemporary
Clutch - rock, indie, metal

Artist and album information and images are provided for each track for your musical education and fun. scrobbling is supported as well.
Try landscape mode for comfort listening. Easily switch channels with swipe gesture.
Play our podcast online or download to listen offline - right in the app.
We rely on our listeners' charity. Please support us with donation!

We are the radio. Very good radio. Selected music without ads.
We have seven channels. All different, but all cool.
We are not very popular, but it does not matter. Music matters.
We touch your soul with nice music. To make you happy.
We do it for free, but you can donate or buy a T-shirt. You decide.
We all know where pop culture leads. We are not part of it.
We do not follow our listeners. They follow us and enjoy.