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Find Unlimited Loads Of Amazing Ebooks For Your Kids With These Apps

Do your kids love to read? Do you love reading to your kids? One book or collection is just never enough. What about variety? This collection of apps will give you the best selection of subscription Ebook services designed specifically with your kids in mind. Finding awesome new stories has never been easier or more fun.

Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids
Dr. Seuss Treasury — 50 best kids books
FarFaria Stories To Read Along

Best Apps

Highest scored apps in the category

A personalized reading experience
Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids

Epic! - Unlimited Books for Kids

Epic! Creations Inc


Epic! is the leading all-you-can-read eBook library for kids 12 and under offering unlimited access to over 25,000 high-quality children’s books, now including thousands of read-to-me, Audio books, and learning videos.

There are 2 versions of Epic!, both accessible through the one app:


Epic! costs only $7.99/month with the first month FREE and supports...

Books and games
Mother Goose Club: Kids & Baby Video, Books, Games

Mother Goose Club

StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Turn screen time into learning time

Mother Goose Club is an award-winning series of educational programs geared toward preschoolers, and is so named because it features characters inspired by Mother Goose nursery rhymes. In addition to local PBS stations across the U.S., Mother Goose Club is seen on Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. And now, it can also be experienced on iOS, albeit in a different format, via the Mother Goose Club app.

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Dr. Seuss Treasury — 50 best kids books
Dr. Seuss Treasury — 50 best kids books
Dr. Seuss Treasury — 50 best kids books

Dr. Seuss Treasury — 50 best kids books

Oceanhouse Media

Over 50 Dr. Seuss classic books in one app!

Your child will love reading these Dr. Seuss classics, which have been adapted into delightful interactive experiences. All of their favorite characters are included - the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, the Lorax, Sam-I-Am and many, many more! Parents can see...

Disney Story Central
Disney Story Central
Disney Story Central

Disney Story Central


Disney Story Central is a digital library filled with hundreds of reading adventures, instantly connecting your child to beloved Disney and Disney*Pixar characters. Enjoy reading adventures together as a family, or allow your child to independently discover stories they will love. Disney Story Central’s extensive library allows children to ignite...

Smart Kidz Club eBooks
Smart Kidz Club eBooks
Smart Kidz Club eBooks

Smart Kidz Club eBooks

Smart Kidz Club Inc.

This app will make your kids smarter by providing them interactive resources that will help them learn about different aspects of the world such as countries, ecosystems, amazing earth, science, healthy living and more... Try Risk free for 14 days

+++++ Fastest growing collection of educational books and resources.
+++++ One of...

FarFaria Stories To Read Along
FarFaria Stories To Read Along
FarFaria Stories To Read Along

FarFaria Stories To Read Along


- “Brain Expander” –Parenting Magazine
- “Netflix for Children's Books!” –USA Today
- “A SOLID literacy tool.” –Common Sense Media
It’s proven kids read more with FarFaria!

FarFaria offers thousands of picture books and new stories every week, so it's easy for parents and tons of fun for...

Highlights Every Day
Highlights Every Day
Highlights Every Day

Highlights Every Day

Highlights for Children, Inc.

Give your child quick, snackable, on-the-go digital play that also helps build skills needed for school!

Highlights Every Day offers the best variety of challenging puzzles, captivating stories, fascinating videos and giggle-inducing quizzes in a safe, quality, advertising-free environment. It lets your kids engage with what interests them most, while encouraging...



Tales2Go, Inc.

Children must be good listeners before they can become great readers. Repeated exposure to spoken sophisticated words drives vocabulary acquisition and retention, which is a key component of reading proficiency. Tales2go is your partner in the fight for better literacy, making it easier and more cost-effective to add a listening...



BOOKR Digital

BOOKR Kids is an easy-to-use e-book application for 2-11 year old kids. It's filled with fun and interactive stories which are written, illustrated, and voiced by some of the best artists around the world. All 60 titles are available with read-along word highlighting and narration, enhancements that assist the learning...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

PlayTales Gold! Kids' Books

PlayTales Gold! Kids' Books

Playtales, S.L.

Parents can save their children’s entire interactive library in one app!
PlayTales Gold is the perfect application for parents who value both education and entertainment in their children’s applications.
PlayTales Gold provides families and teachers with a great source of unlimited interactive storybooks and activities for kids ages 1 to 12. PlayTales Gold incorporates learning and fun into its stories which are designed to help children learn new vocabulary, spelling, numbers, word pronunciation, and more. Find a variety of different stories, coloring activities, and games featuring classic fairytales like Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood along with new favorites like Pocoyo and Sesame Street!
- NEW Games Corner: color, draw, solve puzzle, find matching pairs, solve picture hunts, sing-a-long songs, and more!
- NEW Personalized Stories: Add your photo and become a part of your favorite story
- NEW Read-along Text
- Download unlimited stories and save them in your bookshelf
- Access your stories anytime and anywhere, even without internet!
- New books added every week!
- Different reading modes to choose from: Read to Me, Read by Myself, and Autoplay
- Stories available in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese
- Universal subscription between iOS devices
- Find Sesame Street, Pocoyo, and many more favorites in PlayTales Gold!
- Certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program (

Connect with PlayTales:
For assistance please contact us at [email protected]

After enjoying your free trial there are three simple subscription options to choose from: monthly $4.99, semi-annual $9.99, or annual subscription $19.99. Remember the prices of subscriptions purchased during promotional periods are renewable and will remain the same.

Pickatale: 200+ Interactive Children's Books!

Pickatale: 200+ Interactive Children's Books!

Wisdom Edition AS

PLAY. EDUCATE. INSPIRE. We help children develop a lasting love of reading.

Browse 1000+ interactive storybooks and spend quality family time. 
Help your children learn more about family, friendship, cultures and historical figures.
 Explore animals, adventures and fairy tales by tapping into the world of interactive stories.

5 reasons your family will love Pickatale:

1. Improve children’s reading skills by hearing engaging stories with captivating narration.
2. Learn a language easily by interacting with amazing stories.

3. With Pickatale children learn through play. Тouch objects and words to see and hear them.
4. kidSAFE environment. We’ll never display ads or inappropriate content to children.

5. Reading books is more exciting. Kids read more and for longer periods.

Pickatale brings children’s favorite fairy tales to life.
 Read all the classics:
- Sleeping Beauty
- A Frog in the Well
- Sit Back and Wait for Rabbits
- The Spear and The Shield
- The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
- The Steadfast Tin Soldier
- Little Red Riding Hood
- The big kids can read all about Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus
and many more tales…

Pickatale also features many original stories for kids available only in our library of Picture Books:
- Oliver The Airliner - Oliver The Brave
- RinseCycle Rocket
- Beep! Plink! Boom! Musical Instruments
- And 120+ other Pickatale original titles.

A ton of children’s books with a huge range of exciting stories:
- Tales of Magic, Dragons, & Princesses
- Adventurers, Explorers, & Inventors
- Trains, Planes, & Cars
- Lions, Tigers, & Bears
- Astronauts, Pirates, & Pioneers
- Fish, Birds & Sharks
- And much more!

Join us at our learning playground filled with all the classic children’s stories and Pickatale original titles, created with love by our authors, illustrators and narrators.

Pickatale is carefully curated digital storybook app enjoyed by thousands of children worldwide.
Our team pays special attention to each and every book released and we take pride in the knowing that both, the parents and children will enjoy the experience.
Pickatale books are to a child what art galleries are to an adult: a collection of masterpieces, finely curated by our dedicated team.

* Ever-growing library - get new story books every month
* Read books in 5 languages: English, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

* Download and read books offline at your convenience
* Play with interactive books - touch objects and words to hear them pronounced
* Captivating story narration

* Read myself – best for older kids (4-8) who can practice reading all by themselves and ideal mode for bedtime stories when parents want to inspire children’s imagination
* Read to me – right after a book page is read by a narrator, children will have time to discover the different objects and then turn the page when they’re ready

* AutoPlay - Let the children hear their favorite stories whenever they like with charming voices and highlighted words

The Pickatale app is free to download and you will always find free books in your library.
 If you want to get all the books and enjoy more exciting stories, unlock the full library.

 For the price of just one hardcover storybook (4.99$), you can subscribe to Pickatale for a month and read over 1000 interactive stories in one language as well as all new storybook releases.

Dive into the world of interactive stories and create beautiful memories for the whole family.

Contact us

Have questions about Pickatale? 

Pickatale team is happy to help. Reach out to us at [email protected]
For customer service issues, send us an email at [email protected]

Automatic Renewal
Subscriptions are for a pre-paid one (1) month subscription term. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another month.

Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions

Sesame Street eBooks for iPad

Sesame Street eBooks for iPad

Sesame Street

This is an ebook subscription app, including more than 160 ebooks, which will help teach your child many skills that help preschoolers get ready for school.

Enjoy 3 free Sesame Street eBooks starring Elmo and friends! Browse descriptions of more than 150 Sesame Street eBook titles for free. To read, listen, and watch all eBooks in this exclusive collection, subscribe from this free app through iTunes to a Sesame Street eBooks subscription for $3.99/month or $39.99/year. Your iTunes subscription also works on the Sesame Street eBooks website:

As a Sesame Street eBooks subscriber, you’ll get access to more than 150 classic and new Sesame Street eBooks in three exciting formats:

• Read: eBooks that allow you to read aloud at your own pace
• Read and Listen: Audio eBooks that include fun Sesame Street audio narration, sound effects and music
• Read and Watch: Animated eBooks that bring beloved Sesame Street characters and stories to life in full-color animation

Each type of book format requires a different amount of download time. Most will load in a few minutes. If you will be downloading multiple titles at once, we recommend you disable or extend the time of your iPad’s sleep mode.

• Search and download more than 150 Sesame Street eBooks titles
• 19 high-interest preschool topic areas, including letters, numbers, counting, colors and cultural appreciation.
• Edit and organize eBooks in your unique “My Bookshelf.”
• Auto play
• Text highlighting, which visually reinforces the narration in audio eBooks and reinforces beginning reader skills.
• Monthly newsletter
• New books added regularly for free
• Register your account with up to three iPad devices (User must register and log in using a valid email address. Auto-login without e-mail and password limits access to the iPad associated with the subscription.)
• Online technical support available at [email protected]

Sesame Workshop’s mission is to use the educational power of media to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Delivered through a variety of platforms, including television programs, digital experiences, books and community engagement, its research-based programs are tailored to the needs of the communities and countries they serve. Learn more at

Sesame Street eBooks is owned and operated by Impelsys, a leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions to the global publishing market, helps its clients compete, evolve and grow in an increasingly complex marketplace. Impelsys-powered technologies like iPlatform™ and VirtualPages™ and solutions like iPublishCentral™ ( help publishers increase their revenues by delivering content online quickly and cost effectively. Impelsys’ passion for client success has helped it build long-term partnerships with its customers becoming critical in the client’s electronic delivery strategy. Leading clients include McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Benchmark Education, Marshall Cavendish and Houghton Mifflin. Headquartered in New York, Impelsys operates across North America, Europe and India. For more information, please visit

The Privacy Policy can be found here:

Our goal is to make quality apps accessible to every family and provide the best possible experience for children. If you have any questions or comments, contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Books for Kids

Books for Kids

Appgeneration Software

... Millions of Children are already using this App to learn new concepts and stories...

DOWNLOAD it NOW and Get 4 Amazing FREE stories to get Started.

Do not worry this App provides a Safe interactive environments for kids.

Parents worldwide are discovering that Reading stories to kids has never been as fun and easy as now.
With the “Books for Kids” you have a book shelf with several interactive and educational stories and games!

Stories are designed to EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN and INSPIRE kids aged 2 to 10.
More than 100 different stories...are already available, and every week we are adding more.

From the classics of children’s literature to nowadays more practical educational stories it offers a wide variety of books that will make children associate learning with fun!

Children go through major developmental milestones and this app offers stories that will ease stress and encourage them to improve their communication skills by providing them new experiences. The read along, the interactivity as well as the games featured in the books will allow children to boost their confidence and improve their skills as they go along, one book at the time.

The "Books for Kids” enhances and stimulates children’s creativity at the same time as it provides them a better grasp of the fundamentals of language and more logical thinking skills.

It is a very useful tool for all people eager to provide to children great and varied content in order for them to acclaim new experiences and gain knowledge while having fun!

More stories will come every month...

About subscriptions:
We offer our users the option to subscribe all Books for Kids collection with a great advantage! The subscription periods that we offer are for 1 month, 6 months or 1 year, using iTunes Account. The subscription price is shown in the process of subscription. The subscriptions are auto-renewable; if you want to cancel your subscription, you must turn off the auto-renew in your account settings at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
- 1 Month subscription: $4.99 US / 2.99 £ / 4,49 €
- 6 Months Subscription: $9.99 US / 6.99 £ / 8,99 €
- 1 Year Subscription: $17.99 US / 12.99 £ / 15,99 €

Please visit our privacy policy and terms of use if you have any doubts: