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Get Things Done With These Great Apps

These all-in-one task managers apps offer cloud sync, collaboration, location reminders, multiple list support, and more.

Things 3
Todoist: Organize your life
Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks To-do list & Calendar
GoodTask 3 : To Do List

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Things 3 Main Screen and Task
Things 3

Things 3

Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Probably the best task manager you can find

Featuring an intuitive new design, this task manager app builds off of the previous versions to help you to organize your life.

Natural language input
Todoist: Organize your life



Manage your life with this powerful to-do app

Todoist is a great task manager that you can access and sync from your iPhone, iPad, internet browser, or through email. Todoist has a beautiful interface and you can create simple shopping lists or an extravagant project checklist, whichever you are needing at any moment. You can even integrate your lists with Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Sunrise Calendar, Toggl, and more.

Create new tasks
Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks


6 Wunderkinder

Stay organized in a clean and simple way.

Wunderlist is the app for users who want the simplest, easiest, and probably cheapest method of managing tasks on all their Mac and iOS devices. Wunderlist is an aesthetically-pleasing and easy to use list-based task manager, with a user interface that requires almost no learning curve. Although Wunderlist is simple to use, it does offer some very useful features, including the ability to share lists, add notes to tasks, use stars to designate priority, and emailing tasks. Wunderlist, however, is not the choice for those wanting full calendar integration or GTD-style organization, but it is the choice for those looking to put pen and paper to do lists on their iPhone. Syncs with: Free cloud sync service. Additional Cost: None. Reminders/Siri: Integrates with notification center (via push) not Siri, will also email reminders. To-do list & Calendar To-do list & Calendar


When you want a simple but effective task manager everyone can use is a simple but powerful enough task manager for anyone. It's great for sharing task lists with others.

Create new tasks anywhere
OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2

The Omni Group

The quintessential GTD app for all projects, big or small.

OmniFocus 2 helps you break down and plan out those super important work tasks. It's time to Get Things Done!

Your daily update, as presented by Pia
Picniic - Family Organizer


Picnic Labs Inc

The name might sound cutesy, but this is a robust, mature way to keep your family on task

With so many choices in virtual assistants, there just hasn't been one with families in mind. Picniic, the family-driven organization app, saw that void and filled it.

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GoodTask 3 : To Do List

GoodTask 3

haha Interactive

With extensive features, this to-do app will keep you on track.

GoodTask 3 features include: recurring tasks with customization, list, day, week, and month view options, sharing capability, priority and location settings, filtering options, smart lists and quick actions, app icon badge notifications, a today widget, and Apple Watch support.

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Swingdo, manage your todos in a fun and intuitive way.

Todos, calendar events and mail tasks in one list.
Automatic todo scheduling.
Picks up mail that needs replying to.

Works with:
Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Outlook/Hotmail,
Google and iCloud calendars,
Twitter Direct Messages,

Just add a new todo and Swingdo will do the rest. Swingdo will prioritize and schedule...

Sorted: Master Your Day
Sorted: Master Your Day
Sorted: Master Your Day

Sorted: Master Your Day

OneReminder Limited

sorted / adjective
confident, organised, and emotionally well balanced.

Sorted is a minimalistic yet remarkably powerful day planner. Master your day and take back control of your time.

Sorted Pro* is free for 14 days, on all your devices. No strings attached. No automatic subscriptions or charges will be made. After 14 days,...

Azha: To-Do List & Calendar
Azha: To-Do List & Calendar
Azha: To-Do List & Calendar

Azha: To-Do List & Calendar

Azha, Inc.


Azha is an extraorindary new to-do list that is helping people CRUSH IT. To do this (no pun intended), we've repurposed the dubious engineering & design tricks used by social media and advertising companies to hijack your brain, steal your time, and...




ActionAgenda is a hybrid planner capable of handling to-dos and calendar events simultaneously. You can organize your to-dos with projects, contexts, and tags in a GTD way, and then convert them to calendar events easily.

Calendar syncs with iOS Calendars which syncs with Google, Yahoo, and MS Exchange automatically.
To-do list syncs...

CURAGO Family Calendar
CURAGO Family Calendar
CURAGO Family Calendar

CURAGO Family Calendar

Curago, Inc

CURAGO family calendar has perfected the way families stay connected. CURAGO is the new way to easily share schedules, events, to-do lists, and grocery lists for FREE. CURAGO’s easy to use planner allows you to enjoy a fresh perspective on family management, so you spend less energy on family logistics...

MyLifeOrganized 3
MyLifeOrganized 3
MyLifeOrganized 3

MyLifeOrganized 3

Andriy Tkachuk

MyLifeOrganized (MLO) is the most flexible and powerful task management software for getting your to-dos finally done. MLO leads to a new level of productivity - you will be able to manage not only tasks, but projects, habits and even life goals.

ActionAgenda Lite
ActionAgenda Lite
ActionAgenda Lite

ActionAgenda Lite


ActionAgenda is a hybrid planner capable of handling to-dos and calendar events simultaneously. You can organize your to-dos with projects, contexts, and tags in a GTD way, and then convert them to calendar events easily.

Calendar syncs with iOS Calendars which syncs with Google, Yahoo, and MS Exchange automatically.
To-do list syncs...



Hand Carved Code, LLC

Priorities is a well-crafted list-based Universal app that includes many user-customizable options. The app will probably appeal to anyone who wants a slightly more customizable version of Wunderlist. It also includes access to its own sync server.

LifeTopix Calendar, Task Lists
LifeTopix Calendar, Task Lists
LifeTopix Calendar, Task Lists

LifeTopix Calendar, Task Lists

LightArrow Inc.

LifeTopix is an extraordinary all-in-one organizer. Stop wasting time with information scattered everywhere - organize and track everything in one place. Manage your calendar, projects and tasks, contacts, digital content, finances, inboxes and all related information in a single app.

You can also try LightArrow Organizer, which is a free download...

Completo: Priority-based To-do
Completo: Priority-based To-do
Completo: Priority-based To-do

Completo: Priority-based To-do

My Gung Ho LLC

Everyone is juggling too much these days--work, family, side hustles, it's more than the human brain can handle. That's where Completo comes in. We've taken secrets from some of the world's busiest people (CEOs) and rolled them into our unique Completo Method--it moves beyond just logging your to-dos, actually training...

Todo Cloud
Todo Cloud
Todo Cloud

Todo Cloud


Todo Cloud: To-Do List & Collaboration is the original and award winning to-do and task list app used by millions to get things done. From grocery shopping to completing work projects on time, no to-do is too small or too large for Todo Cloud. With more than 70 million tasks...

Beesy mobile
Beesy mobile
Beesy mobile

Beesy mobile


Get Organized without effort.

Whether you’re managing a team, projects or just making a list of actions, Beesy makes sure you’re organized and efficient.
This app is designed for people who handle tasks, who don't want to spend time to generate To-Do lists but need to follow-up on them to achieve their...

Listaway: To Do List & Errands
Listaway: To Do List & Errands
Listaway: To Do List & Errands

Listaway: To Do List & Errands


Listaway: To-Do List, Task Manager & Reminders is an outstanding planner app that helps you organize your life on your terms.

Main Features:
• Create lists
• Add tasks and errands for todo lists
• Add subtasks to tasks
• Schedule timed and location reminders
• Sync tasks across multiple iOS devices through iCloud

What you can...

Create a new task
Tasker : To-Do List
Tasker : To-Do List

Tasker : To-Do List

Vacata AG

Always be prepared for the task at hand with Tasker! Take your to-do list and project manager app wherever you go.

Tasker is a beautifully designed to do list app that makes you more organized and productive. Tasker helps simplify your to-do list and makes getting things done a breeze...

Time Optimizer Pro
Time Optimizer Pro
Time Optimizer Pro

Time Optimizer Pro

BogushTech, LLC

Manage Time, Goals, Planning & To-Do's

Apple Watch app available for Time Companion on iPhone

An App that Creates Time
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬
 ◼ Have Enough Time Today?
 ◼ Your To-Do List Completed?
 ◼ Time for Friends Today?
 ◼ Achieving Your Goals?
 ◼ Get Enough Sleep Today?
 ◼ Time for Yourself?

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬
 ◼ Genius Association of Tasks with a Goal
 ◼ Automatic...

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do
TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do
TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do

Appest Limited

TickTick is a powerful to-do & task management app with seamless cloud synchronization across all your devices. Whether you need to schedule your agenda, make memos, share shopping lists with family members, or collaborate with your colleagues, TickTick is always here to help you get stuff done and keep life...

Daily Organizer: Day Planner
Daily Organizer: Day Planner
Daily Organizer: Day Planner

Daily Organizer: Day Planner

Lumen Spark LLC

Give your busy mind a break. With this app, you will never forget anything again.

• Apple “New Year, New You” Favorite
• Apple App Store Staff Favorite

Lumen Trails lets you take notes, make lists and keep track of other things in your life such as time, workouts, expenses, calories, food,...

Task Office – to do list & GTD
Task Office – to do list & GTD
Task Office – to do list & GTD

Task Office – to do list & GTD


Task Office is the best of ever existing GTD, to do lists, projects and contacts management apps. Designed to make business planning, scheduling and getting things done more efficient, Task Office makes your plans clear and achievable. Manage both simple and complex projects, to do lists without any difficulties and...

Gneo:  To Do Task List and Calendar Manager
Gneo:  To Do Task List and Calendar Manager
Gneo:  To Do Task List and Calendar Manager

Gneo: To Do Task List and Calendar Manager

Keane and Able Limited

App Store Editors’ Choice & “Best of 2013.” Featured on TechCrunch, Inc., Business Insider, MacWorld, and more.

Gneo seamlessly brings together task and calendar management in a beautifully designed app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. From prioritizing todos to managing your schedule, Gneo makes juggling your life easier. Syncs...

Onefunc Plan - AI scheduler
Onefunc Plan - AI scheduler
Onefunc Plan - AI scheduler

Onefunc Plan - AI scheduler

Masaru Kondo

OnefuncPlan is a calendar app with AI and simple design.
OnefuncPlan has contemporary functions such as automatic schedule adjustment function by AI, but everything can be operated simply.

* If you are only using the basic features, you do not have to register an email address and the application can be used...

Centrallo – Organize and Share Lists
Centrallo – Organize and Share Lists
Centrallo – Organize and Share Lists

Centrallo – Organize and Share Lists

Centrallo LLC

Centrallo – Organize and Share Lists

Catch everything life throws at you with Centrallo. Perfect for organizing all of life’s little details, Centrallo is an elegantly simple organization tool perfect for the busy professional who is juggling work deadlines with family life, and everything in between. Create unlimited notes and checklists,...

Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

Primo Do Lite

Primo Do Lite

Scirocco Consultants Inc.

*Limited to 15 uncompleted tasks.* Do You Primo Do? Organize your home, student and work life with Primo Do, the Premium Task Manager and To Do List! This powerful task manager offers you basic and advanced options to help you stay on top of your to-do list.

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, with lots of demands on your time. Thankfully, you have Primo Do! Everything in Primo Do is specifically designed to make life as easy as possible for you. You’ll be so organized, you won’t believe it. Maybe you’ll even find some spare time for yourself.

* 20 different color themes, audio reminders, passcode protection, retina-display ready and more!
* Powerful yet easy to use task manager
* Is as basic or advanced as you need it to be
* Optional task details: due date, list, notes, priority, recurrence, reminders and tags
* Full-month calendar with the tasks set for the selected date displayed below
* Unique motivational pie-chart shows overall status of your tasks
* App Badge auto updates to show pending tasks, even in standby mode
* Overall viewing, sorting and filtering to help manage tasks
* Tasks organized into 4 standard folders and as many custom folders as needed
* Task recurrence types: every period, specific day(s), specific date and ordinal date
* Backup and restore your data using iTunes file sharing and now also by Email

Bring order to the chaos in your life. Download Primo Do now.

2BeDone: To-Do List | Tasks | Reminders

2BeDone: To-Do List | Tasks | Reminders


2BeDone organizer can become your perfect companion!
You can easily organize your life with 2BeDone!
2BeDone will help you effectively manage your time. It is also an ideal application for learning how to optimally organize your personal time and professional activities.
The application allows you to create unlimited numbers of notes, tasks, reminders, things to do, and shopping lists. Outsource everything that does not fit in your head!
2BeDone is also a convenient and safe place for your thoughts, ideas and wishes.
Working with 2BeDone is much more comfortable than with other standard applications. All thanks to an intuitive, feature-rich and informative organizer, as well as its user-friendly interface.
Try it once, and you will realize that you can’t live without it!

The main advantages of 2BeDone:
• Ability to set tasks for the day, week, month, and the whole year;
• Real time synchronization;
• Synchronization of data between all your devices;
• Reminders via push-notifications;
• Ability to leave comments for tasks;
• Ability to create notes to store your thoughts and ideas;
• Scheduled events;
• Easy navigation between sections “Tasks and Events” and “Notes”;
• Functional colorful calendar that gives full information about the list of things to do and your scheduled events.

Organize your life easily!

My Day To-Do - Smart Task List

My Day To-Do - Smart Task List

Bhuman Soni

Do you;
- just wish that you were just reminded about what you have to do for the day without having to setting a reminder?
- find yourself going back to a pen & paper toDo list despite having apps for it?
- wish that the morning would greet you with a sweet voice announcing your tasks for the day?
- wish that your to-do list app showed you what the weather was like while you plan your day tasks?

or have you;
- ever had to set aside some time to learn a ToDo list app on your phone?
- ever felt that you do not have enough control over your to-do list app's behaviour?

My Day ToDo is an app that accomplishes all of the above making it ideal for those who answered yes to any of the above or to those who seek a more streamlined experience. It has the ability to;

- let you quickly add multiple tasks(to-dos) to your list as you would on a pen & paper to-do list
- try and help you get things done by automatically sending you reminders during the day in a way that it is not too intrusive for you
- allow you to set up recurring tasks by tapping the days(Sun, Mon etc) when you want it to repeat
- let you set alarms
- wake you up in the morning, greet you and announce what you have to do for the day
- show you what the weather is like when you prepare your to-do list for the day

Lastly, you can control several aspects of the app's behaviour from it’s settings, so if you;

- don’t like how app greets you when the alarm rings? e.g. by default if the app wakes you up in the morning, it greets you by saying 'Good morning', if you want it to say something else? you can easily change that via settings. Just type in whatever you want to hear in the morning and the app will use that in the future
- don’t like the voice in which the app greets you? you can select the voice in which the app talks to you. It can be, English with an American, Australian, British, Irish or South African accent or you can choose from several other languages such as Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish etc
- don’t like the app greeting you and speaking you your day tasks after alarm?
- don’t like checking up on you by sending your periodic reminders asking you whether or not you have finished your day tasks?
- want every other task on your list to have a grey background colour?

If you want to try the app and get a feel of it, then download My Day To-Do Lite for free and you will get an idea of how the app works.

p.s. you can choose one of many languages in which the app talks to you, however it works best when the app is reading the text in that language. E.g. if you choose for the app to talk to you in Chinese, it will work best when you make it read Chinese text, if you make it read English text, it will read English with a very strong Chinese accent.

Masterlist - Task Management

Masterlist - Task Management

Anthony Kersuzan

Masterlist can help you keep track of ideas in your life and work, whether it's a job reminder or a life-travel program. It makes your life perfectly organized thorough smart lists. You can also synchronize your task lists and set reminders anytime, anywhere in your calendar, phone, and tablet, giving you greater control over all tasks and miss no important event ever !

Main features:
1- Add, organize and arrange tasks to your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. We handle data storage and cloud synchronization thorough all your devices.
2- Set the expiration date and frequency of reminders to make sure you do not miss important events.
3 - Use subtasks, notes, files, location, audio, drawing, etc. to have more comprehensive task description.
4- Customize your app appearance with the themes we provide you.

Masterlist is available for free.
A professional version is also available so that you can enjoy more features in the future and cloud data synchronization.

TODOO Your Daily To Do List Planner & Reminder

TODOO Your Daily To Do List Planner & Reminder

Ion Brumaru

TODOO is an amazing To Do List Planner, easy to use, very useful to remember the time for your day to day activities. Be always on time on meetings, at work and start your day with a smile on your face.

Planning and exercising control over your time has never been more simple. TODOO is a great solution for time management and planning, take control over specific goals, daily routine tasks, objectives and activities with countdown timer, especially to increase efficiency and productivity.

Never forget something important again and maximize the overall benefit of your activities! Use this simple to use app and create reminders on a daily basis, we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

- Create reminders with just a simple swipe
- A "BIG" timer for tracking one main goal
- Prioritization method of the tasks: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH
- Real time tracking of the daily tasks
- Build in monthly task calendar
- Very flexible for any types of list management
- Sound and text Notifications
- Add/Edit/Delete tasks and goals
- Dashboard with statistics and productivity progress
- Reminders include: title, priority, time options and notes
- Comfortable and easy user interface

Flayk – Made for your family

Flayk – Made for your family


Welcome to your go-to family organizer app. On top of shared family calendars and shared to-do lists, Flayk offers a handy task manager, chore tracker, and family planner. Flayk has a unique family rewards system to incentivize chores, and offers the ability to flayk (or hand off) events to other family members, because not all families are perfect. Family organization made easy.

Flayk's handy features include:

Shared Family Calendar
- See everyone's schedules and share family events all in one place
- An event organizer and manager for your family
- Create one-time or recurring events
- Invite attendees with the simple family planner
- See the family calendar in month or day view
- A task manager to know when events are completed or updated

Flayked Events
- Get backup if a family member is too busy to complete a task
- Quickly flayk an event at the tap of a button
- All family members will get a notification
- If someone is available, they can claim the event
- No calls, group texts, or worry needed
- Take your family organization to the next level

Customized Rewards System
- Give your family incentives to help out
- Track chores and reward the kids when they’re done
- Family admins assign point values to specific activities
- Family admins set up customized rewards and approve points
- Family members earn points for completing events
- Family members can use points to redeem real rewards

Shared To-Do List
- Simplify family grocery shopping and shared lists
- Create and share family packing lists, chore lists, and to-do lists
- Get real-time notifications when family members check-off tasks

Helpful Reminders
- Never miss soccer practice again
- Set up automatic reminders for specific events
- Manually remind family members about events
- Receive live updates on the go

Multiple Families
- Perfect if your family extends beyond those who live under one roof
- Use with groups, teams, organizations, or extended family, too
- Create more than one family or group
- See events for all your families and groups on the same screen
- Families are color-coded so you'll never get confused
- Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps and calendars

With one convenient family organizer, central calendar, and shared lists, you'll never have to worry about missing a note on the fridge or messy group texting.

Flayk offers:
-Family calendar day view
-Shared lists
-Add, edit, and flayk events
-Set up recurring events
-Send reminders and receive notifications
-Invite family members
-Profile customization
-Family rewards system with point-based incentives to complete activities
-Option to be a part of multiple families
-Family calendar monthly view
-Ad-free experience

Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. For more information, please review the Flayk Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



Dennis Okrent

Tempodo is a personal task manager for iOS and assists you in getting tasks done in time. Also available for macOS.

The easy-to-use interface and focused design will help you to quickly find your way around. Manage your tasks more efficiently today!

Have all today's tasks under control by using the Today-View and finish them step-by-step.

- List based management of onetime and repeating tasks
- Organize tasks in categories and mark them with optional tags
- Sub tasks
- Calendar view with iOS calendar event integration
- Time tracking with report generation
- Background themes for personalization
- Auto clean-up for completed tasks
- Print function for task lists
- Optional: iCloud Drive support to work with task collections across iOS and macOS devices
- iOS Notifications, iOS Today Widget, Siri integration, 3D Touch support
- Universal app for iPhone and iPad
- Supported languages: English, German

For more information please visit the website. Please send us feedback to make Tempodo even better!

Tempodo for iOS runs on iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices.

Tempodo is also available for macOS (iCloud Drive document sync requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan, macOS 10.12 Sierra or macOS 10.13 High Sierra).

To:Day - Event planner, to-do list, date countdown & task manager

To:Day - Event planner, to-do list, date countdown & task manager

Wenjun Zhao

To:Day is an event based task manager. A simple to-do list and day counter that lets you manage and plan your important upcoming events.
Have you ever stressed out about preparing for a big event in your life? Thinking the date is so far away but it’s actually much closer? Have a million things to do but find it difficult to prepare?

To:Day is here to help:

• Simply create upcoming events or anniversaries.
• Add all the tasks you need to complete before the big day arrives.
• Count the remaining days in your events and tasks so you can plan ahead.
• Set reminders so you'll never miss an important day.
• "Star" important tasks to make sure you are on top of them.

Better yet:

• Share an event poster with your friends and family!
• Never forget an anniversary again. (Impress your love one by knowing exactly how many days until the big day)
• Simple and elegant design you can actually understand.
• Latest iOS 9 support for 3D touch. (Add new event from home screen, peek and pop open tasks)
• Quickly glance at all your upcoming events in Notification Center.
• Beautiful wallpapers to help you kickstart your events. You can add your own photos too!
• Check off list items with a simple swipe (swipe right to complete, swipe left to delete).
• Archive old events. Move from your bucket list to done list.

Always be ready for upcoming weddings, big exams, adventure trips, or holiday parties.

Have any feedback? Please feel free to send your thoughts to [email protected]