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November 2019

Adobe Photoshop
Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts
Triode - Internet Radio
FiLMiC Firstlight - Photo App
FoodNoms - Food Tracker
Sesame Street Yourself
Treasure: Have more.
Spkr: Curated Podcast Radio

November was another busy month for new apps. We're highlighting some of the best including a long-time staple on the Mac finally making its way to the iPad and a great professional photography app from a familiar name.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Inc.

The Powerful App Moves to iPad

Adobe is focusing on providing core composing and retouching tools that work best on the iPad and with either generation of Apple Pencil. In the future, Adobe is planning to enhance tools for brushes, masks, refining edges, and selecting smart subjects. Anyone familiar with Photoshop will be at home on the iPad with popular features like spot healing, a clone tool, blend mode, and more.

Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts

Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts

Alexander Hay

Power up Apple Shortcuts

Toolbox Pro adds more than 50 new actions to use in Apple’s Shortcuts app. Some of those include an iOS document scanner, on-device text recognition, and more.

Triode - Internet Radio


The Iconfactory

Explore Internet Radio from Around the World

From popular app developer The Iconfactory, the app is also available with Apple’s CarPlay.

FiLMiC Firstlight - Photo App

FiLMiC Firstlight

FiLMiC Inc

A Professional Photography App

Well known for the popular video app Filmic Pro, the new app brings great features for photographers. To start, you can tap the screen to set both the focus and exposure and tap it again to lock. You’ll swipe up and down to control exposure and left and right for focus. Making adjustments on focus and exposure will automatically apply focus peaking or zebra stripes to help capture a great shot.

FoodNoms - Food Tracker


Algebraic Labs, LLC

An Easy-to-Use and Well Designed Food Tracker

The app allows you to select customizable nutrition goals and more.