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November 10, 2017

Widget and Watch Altimeter Pro
MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video
Slugline: Simply Screenwriting
Snow Report & Forecast
Mealplan: Meal Plans & Recipes
Grateful: Give Thanks Daily

Are you rocking a new iPhone X and need some new apps to try out on it? I'm back with another roundup of the week's best apps, bringing you news and information about software that will help you make the most of your iPhone photography, keep up with the weather, or just enjoy a good murder mystery in a totally unique way.

Shift focus and change aperture size


Xiaodong Wang

Your Portrait Mode photos become amazing masterpieces of art

When you capture a Portrait-mode photograph with your dual-camera iPhone, you're doing so to create a work of art. Who says that creativity has to stop after you snap the picture?

Widget and Watch Altimeter Pro

Widget and Watch Altimeter Pro

Bernhard Hering

An altimeter right on your wrist

Whether you're hiking or driving, it's fun to know how much elevation you've gained or lost in your travels. Watch Altimeter Pro creates a beautiful graph of that information and also keeps you clued in by the moment with its complication.

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video


Turn your photographs into fun, attention-grabbing videos

Whether it's a single selfie or a week's worth of vacation pictures, this app helps you create stunning video stories that stand out from the crowd.

Slugline: Simply Screenwriting


Act Focused Media LLC

A minimal, distraction-free environment for screenwriting

There are special formats and needs for screenwriting, and Slugline has long been a forerunner in meeting those requirements on the Mac. Now, you can harness that same power and simplicity in iOS.