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Take Care of Your Furry Friend with Helpful Apps for Pets

From adoption to first aid to training, apps that help you with your four-legged friends are purr-fect for any pet parent.

Find a Fur-Ever Friend

When you are ready to bring a new furry friend into your home, these pet adoption apps can help. Give a home to an animal that needs one and they will love you fur-ever.

WeRescue – Adopt a Pet

Almost any pet, almost anywhere

WeRescue – Adopt a Pet

For those who want a pet adoption app with a variety of animal options.

For dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and more, you can become a new pet parent with the WeRescue – Adopt a Pet app. Browse by breed, use helpful filters, view photo slideshows, and get full details on adoptable pets. Find available pets nearby in the U.S. or Canada using your zip code and prepare to welcome your new best friend.

Why we love it

WeRescue – Adopt a Pet is ideal for those in the U.S. or Canada find the pet they want. From dogs and cats to horses and snakes, the app makes pet adoption easy.

Feline Finder - When Adopting

Find the purr-fect pet pal

Feline Finder - When Adopting

For those interested in adopting an adorable cat or kitten.

Rescue a deserving cat or kitten with the Feline Finder – When Adopting app for iOS. Just take a short survey to find the type of feline that fits you or just browse by breed. You can check out photos and videos to find the purr-fect pet pal.

Why we love it

If you are in search of a cat or kitten that fits into your home, Feline Finder is the app for you.

Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue

A quick searching app to find a pet

Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue

Furry Friend Finder Pet Rescue

For those looking to find a rescue pet

Furry Friend Finder lets you search for your perfect pet. Swipe left to pass, and swipe right to keep. There are over 300,000 real adoptable pets, including dogs, cats, birds, pigs, and reptiles. Find a pet today!

Why we love it

It's a simple and efficient way of finding a furry friend.

Book Pet Care Services

Whether you are heading out of town or just need pet care for the day, check out these apps. With sitters and boarding services, you can find the perfect provider for you and your pet.

PetBacker: Dog Cat Pet Sitting

PetBacker: Dog Cat Pet Sitting

Pet Backer

"Amazing, I got a loving sitter who could board my pet in moments after I made a request" - Charlene W

PetBacker connects loving pet sitters, groomers, dog walkers with pet owners just like you. PetBacker is a platform that lets you hire trusted Pet Sitter, dog walkers and pet care providers securely. You can use Petbacker to get people to take care of your pet, or you can use Petbacker to help earn extra money with your love for pet. You can use pet backer to show the world about your pet too!

If you have a pet before and are good in taking care of pets, Petbacker lets you get a pet sitting jobs without revealing personal contact information until you are hired. It's safe too with the Pet owners identities verified, weeding out shady characters. You can choose to get Pet owners to pay Petbacker in advance so that your hard work is guaranteed and we will release the payment within 7 days after your work.

For Pet Owners
---- Find Pet Sitter, Dog walker, Groomers and Boarding---
• If you don’t know which pet sitter or home to look for, Petbacker will find the Pet sitter, dog walker and pet care providers with the right skills for you instantly. You can now get them at a click of a button, anywhere, any time, and the potential Pet Sitter will apply for your job instantly via chat.

---- Smart Search---
• Petbacker takes your "Request" and sends it as an opportunity to these Pet Sitter, Dog walker and pet care providers who meet your criteria and could possibly work on your request, and only Pet Sitter, dog walkers or pet care providers who are interested to work on your project will reply you, saving time from searching and filtering.

---Compare the Pet Sitter and Pet Service Providers---
• No longer search through pages of Pet Sitter and Pet Shop lists; you will get the best Pet Sitter or any Pet Care Provider offer the best quotes immediately from trusted Pet Sitter or Care Provider with our private chat system. Each application includes an estimated price, previous customer review and ratings, and profile.

---Hire the right Pet Sitter and other Pet Care Providers---
• You also can view ratings and reviews left by peers and get only the best, with talents and models verified with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Identification (passport, IC, social). When you're ready, hire the right Pet Sitter or Pet Care Providers at a price that's right for you.

For Pet Sitter:
---We source the potential jobs for you---
• You are the BACKER of the Owner when owner going holiday or have other things to do. Get genuine jobs and leads anywhere you are.

• With Petbacker OnDemand Platform, Pet owners nearby who need you can find you immediately with a single click, even if they don't know about you. Every potential leads will be matched and sent to you directly

• With Petbacker Directory, Pet owners can find you easily by looking for the related job description you have done. Improve your web presence with Search Engine Optimizations, enabling you to be discoverable from searches made in search engines.

• With Petbacker Browse Job, be proactive and take up requests which you think you can do as long as the Pet owner feel you can do it

For Freelancers:
--Make extra income--
• Put those skills to use and make money from your free time! Offer your services on a part time basis, no brick and mortar shop required, just work on PetBacker ! Provide help and get rewarded in return in anything from jobs related to Pet Boarding, Sitting, Walking or Feeding.

Host My Pet

Host My Pet

Host My Pet Oy

Host My Pet: Find Your Trusted Pet Sitter Nearby

Are you going on a vacation or a business trip but no one nearby is available to look after your pet?

Host My Pet is an online pet sitting service that pet owners can use to find the most qualified and trusted sitters for their pets. With HostMyPet app and you will find the perfect pet sitters, dog walkers and cat sitters nearby who care about your pet as much as you do.

Search, contact, and book! All in one place.

By using Host My Pet app Pet Owners can:

Search for trusted and qualified pet sitters nearby who offer pet boarding, daycare, dog walking, house sitting and home visit (for cats) services.
Check pet sitters’ experience and read other pet owners’ reviews of them.
Easily contact their favorite pet sitters to arrange all the details.
Book their pet sitters’ boarding, day care, house sitting, dog walking and home visit services and pay safely.
Receive daily photos of their pets from the pet sitter. Pets will enjoy their holiday too!
Manage their profile and update their information when necessary.
Keep in touch with the pet sitter before the service starts, during the service and when the service ends.
Get notifications instantly.
Get help from Host My Pet customer support representatives 24/7.

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers can:

Manage their pet sitter profile.
Receive instant messages and reservation requests from pet owners.
Communicate with pet owners and arrange all the details.
Accept or deny reservation requests from pet owners.
See their income records and manage their schedules.
Easily send daily photos of guest pet(s) to the pet owners.
Get help from Host My Pet customer support representatives 24/7.

Download Host My Pet app now to find a qualified sitter for your pet to enjoy your holiday with a peace of mind. Host My Pet is an online marketplace where pet owners can find the most qualified and trusted sitters for their furry best friends whenever necessary.

We care about our best friends’ safety and aim to provide the best care for them. If you have any feedback or ideas on our app, please feel free to email us: [email protected]

Made in Finland with woofs <3




Petterr helps you connect with pet friendly people in your local area and build a community of pet parents, pet
lovers, and pet service providers.

Want to provide the best level of care for your pet even when you’re busy at work or on holiday?
As a pet parent, Petterr allows you to build a network of reliable dog walkers, loving pet sitters and professional
groomers to cater for all your animal’s needs even when you can’t. Create a profile for your pet, then simply
‘Post a woof’ to request a service from your network of pet loving friends. Let trusted pet lovers or businesses
‘fetch the woof’ for a fee decided by you and reward them through Petter’s secure payment channel.

Enjoy spending time with pets but don’t own one yet?
As a pet lover without a furry friend, spend time with pets and support other pet parents in your community by
‘fetching woofs’ and being rewarded for your efforts. Simply create your personal profile with the services you
can offer and let pet parents find you directly, or search your network for local pet parents in need. Receive
positive feedback for your pet care and watch your ratings and bookings go up.

Own a pet care business and want to reach more pet parents?
As a pet care business, browse your network of pet parents and respond to specific ‘woofs’ posted by individuals.
Provide the services pet parents require, gain positive feedback and grow your loyal customer base.

With our free app Pet parents can:
- choose from thousands of pet sitters offering pet day
care, boarding and walking in the UAE
- search for pet sitters and dog walkers by location or
from your network of favourites
- read customer reviews to find the perfect pet sitter and
request services (post woofs)
- confirm desired services (fetched woofs) and receive
instant confirmation on the app
- pay securely, straight from the app
- rate and review services received

As a Pet sitter, dog walker or own a pet business you can: 
- build your network of pet parents in your local area
- receive instant notifications when a required service
(Woof) is posted and when your service (fetched
woof) has been confirmed by the pet parent.
- arrange the details of the pet-sitting booking and get
information about the pet and their home directly
from the pet parent, all from within the app
- message parents with regular updates while you’re pet-
sitting to show them how much fun their pet is
having in your home or business

Petterr makes it safe and secure for pet parents, sitters and service providers to communicate without revealing
personal information until a job is accepted. Payment for services is guaranteed as Pet parents pay Petterr in
advance and the payment is released upon successful completion of the job. For added peace of mind, all pet
sitters on the petterr app are verified.

Features coming soon. Download Petterr today - don’t let your pets miss out on the love and care they need!

Visit for more information.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Track your pet’s health, vaccinations, and vet visits with simple apps that also provide advice and answers when you need them.

Treat - Better Pet Care

Treat - Better Pet Care

Treat, Inc.

Treat - Better Pet Care

For pet owners looking for pet care app that has it all.

Treat is pet healthcare on demand, in your home, office or hotel. Ask experts for advice, training, grooming and diet recommendations, and provide the best for you and your pet. Treat offers expert advice and in-home services: In-home veterinarian service, pet food and diet suggestions, flexible dog training, dog and cat grooming, and in-home nursing.

DoggyDoc - for dog health

Diagnose your pup's symptoms and better understand their health

DoggyDoc - for dog health

DoggyDoc - for dog health

When you don't have time to go to the vet but want to self-diagnose your dog's health problems.

Is your dog experiencing some weird symptoms that you've never noticed before but you don't have time to go to the vet? With DoggyDoc, you can search a huge database of possible symptoms that dogs get and diagnose the problem without having to drop everything you're doing. The app combines experienced vet knowledge and artificial intelligence to let you know what your dog may be experiencing right now. Just pick the body part, select the symptoms, and get a possible diagnosis. The app also tells you what you need to know in order to take better care of your dog.

Why we love it

Our dog's health is number one. DoggyDoc is a valuable tool in helping diagnose symptoms when you aren't near your usual vet office.

Puppy Basics For Dummies

When you need a crash course on how to care for your new puppy

Puppy Basics For Dummies

Puppy Basics For Dummies

For anyone who is new to puppy owning.

Puppy Basics For Dummies is another crash course-type of app for new puppy owners. Puppies are cute but they can be a lot of work when it comes to taking care of them, and this app shows you the basics. With Puppy Basics, you'll learn everything you need to know about puppies, such as basic care, potty training, and basic commands that you should start teaching them. This app is an essential for anyone who is new to owning a puppy.

Why we love it

Puppies are definitely cute, but also a handful when it comes to taking care of them. Puppy Basics for Dummies makes it easy to know the basics and proper care that puppies require.

Let Your Dog Go For a Walk

What do you do when you are at work all day and your pup needs a walk? Check out these dog walking apps for someone to help Fido stretch his legs.

Doggy Logs
Doggy Logs

Doggy Logs

Scallywag Solutions

GPS tracking for dog walkers and pet sitters. Track your pack!

Track your dog walks and automatically email or text the dog owners a summary afterwards! Show them where you went with an interactive map including photos, notes, distance and time. Use your own branding with custom logo and business information on all your emails!

Doggy Logs lets you offer a premium dog walking service and increase trust with your clients by keeping them connected to their furry friends!

Features include:
• GPS tracking of your dog walk
• Check-in mode for house visits
• Group walks with multiple pick ups and drop offs. Each dog's walk time will be tracked individually.
• Notes (during or after a walk)
• Photos
• Pee & Poop buttons
• Tag photos and notes for dogs - owners will only see the information for their own dog
• Email notifications with your own logo and branding
• Text message notifications
• Customizable checklists
• A fun and easy-to-use interface

At Doggy Logs we love animals and want to keep people connected with their pets. We offer dog walkers a fun solution to make that possible!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

more info



Dogiz is your community of certified professional dog walkers and pet services

The DOGIZ mission is to help make it easier to own a dog in a big city! We want to help provide the care your dog deserves, ensuring maximum flexibility and accountability.
Whether you need a dog walk, doggy day care or dog-sitting right now, or to schedule walks ahead of time, DOGIZ is here for you. Check out the different professional dog walkers and pet services on our platform, book instantly, pay by credit-card and even track your dog's walk LIVE in real time on your DOGIZ map.
Use the app to browse service provider's profiles, read their bio's, see reviews & ratings, message them and then make the best choice for your best friend!
So what are you waiting for?!
DOGIZ, your dog's new best friend!
*** If you are a professional pet care company or are looking for more info please contact us via email : [email protected] ***
Visit us at

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

more info
Dog Walker Online
Dog Walker Online

Dog Walker Online

Terry Billingsley

Looking for a dog walker in your area or wanting to get more clients as a dog walker?

This app connects local dog walkers with the dog owner!

Dog Walker Online provides you, the dog owner the ability to search by zip/postal code or area code or even the walkers name for a specific date. A results screen provides a list of walkers for you to choose from including how others rate the walker, how much the walker charges, what services they offer and how far they are from you including their bio. If the walker you've chosen has a website, there's a link to that site within the app so you can read more about the walker, be completely informed before making a decision.

Then when you're ready to decide on a walker, you can see their calendar and book them instantly. No need to wonder if they are available!

You can send a message to the walker once you book them or have been a previous client of theirs. They can likewise respond to your message, all within the app. Your walker can keep you informed how things went by sending you a message after each walking, giving you peace of mind while away. You also get to rate the walker and leave a comment so that others may know how well they did.

If you are a walker, you can join Dog Walker Online and be found by dog owners right away, it takes mere seconds and you're ready to go. Your dog walking business can be anywhere, small town or big city, an excellent way of increasing your client base and you are only booked as often as your calendar permits. You can view your calendar at a glance, change your hours and days of availability all within seconds.

As a walker, you get to see the customer bio along with the details about the dog, send the customer a message with any questions about the walking. You can also rate the client so that other walkers know how terrific of a customer they are. Most of all as a walker, you now have an app and it's FREE to download! Simply tell your customers to download the app too and search for you, it's that simple.

Finally, a way for Dog Owners to meet Dog Walkers and for Dog Owners to find a walker at the last moment or planning months away.

Come join Dog Walker Online today by downloading this app, there's no risk and everything to gain.

more info

Be Prepared for Emergencies

As pet parents, we need to be prepared for the unexpected. These pet first aid apps are must-have tools for any pet owner.

Pet First Aid:
Pet First Aid:

Pet First Aid

American Red Cross

Pet parents should always be prepared for emergencies.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross offers health information for both cats and dogs. The app provides several first aid categories, help for disasters and emergencies, and a one-click call to your vet.

Train Your Pooch

Training a dog is not always easy, but with the right apps you can get a little help. Whether it is a tool or advice, get assistance to make the training less stressful on you both.

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App

Dogo - Your Dog's Favorite App


Dogo app is your pup’s personal coach in your pocket! The app offers positive clicker training, 50+ fun commands with step-by-step clear instructions for puppies or adult dogs to learn and progress every day. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a clicker for your training sessions - Dogo already has it as a built-in feature. You can watch and track your dog’s improvements every day and if you feel like you and your best friend need some extra help from the experts - we are here to support you on a daily basis with a response rate of 24 hours. Don’t wait until your pup develops a personality of a restless devil - teach him to behave in the most fun and stress-free way with Dogo!

*** Daily training with 50+tricks and awards
*** To progress further submit a video exam - dog professionals will review it and give you and your furry friend some detailed feedback
*** In-built clicker - choose a sound your dog likes the most
*** Track the progress and see your dog learning every day
*** Set daily reminders - you will never miss a training day!
*** Customise your dog’s profile
*** Are you the owner of a few pups? That’s not an issue - you can add multiple dogs to your Dogo profile
*** Your profile can be maintained by several dog owners - train your dog together with your family!

Your pup is an active creature in need of daily exercises, but not just physical - mental stimulation too! After all, why do we call dogs our best friends? Because they have an ability to understand and communicate with us and Dogo will help you to unlock and develop their potential further!

Dogo Premium

Free users have access to the first five tricks: Clicker, Name, Sit, Down and Walk on the leash. They can submit the first exam, which is reviewed by the dog professional. The trainer will provide users with comments and give suggestions if needed. Users can use an in-app clicker, read articles about training, set training reminders, create dog account and complete daily training. However, for unlimited access to all tricks and exams, ability to add multiple dogs user has to upgrade to Dogo Premium. Access to these features can also be purchased by individual in-app purchases.

Dogo Premium Pricing

You can upgrade to “Dogo Premium” by purchasing one of the following subscription plans:

- 1 month for $15.99 per month
- 1 year for $7.99 per month or $95.99 per year
- Lifetime for $169

(These prices are in USD, actual charges might be converted to local currency depending on your country of residence.)

The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be provided.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period.
Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

For more information:
Terms of Use -
Privacy Policy -

If you like the app please leave a review. If you have any questions, comments please write to us at [email protected]

EquiTrack - Equine Training

EquiTrack - Equine Training

MayanApps LLC

Your competitive advantage!

Please note: Requires IOS version 10 or later.

Includes iWatch extension. Includes a FREE website for your entire stable:

Help get your equine in tip top shape with EquiTrack, the easy and fun way to record your equestrian rides.

EquiTrack can help you gain that competitive advantage by giving you the information you need to customize training for each horse in your stable.

Keep your pleasure rides all in one app with EquiTrack. It's easy to record and see how far and fast you've ridden.

Post it - email it! Show off your training or pleasure rides on Facebook, or email to a client to show how you and your equine partner are doing.

For pleasure riding or training - EquiTrack makes it easy to keep it all at your fingertips.

Here's what EquiTrack can do:

Create a custom profile for your horse, including it's own photo.
Have as many horses in your app's 'stable' as you need.
Record each ride using the iPhone GPS, including time, distance, and speed.
Record your horse's heart rate.
View the ride on a map as well as a detailed data page for statistics.
Create custom training programs or use the built in programs. (see details below)
Ride 'freestyle' without using any training program, and the ride is still recorded by GPS.
Listen to your music or audiobooks while riding, and the training programs sounds will cut in to notify you of a change.
Monitor the energy your horse has used as well as yourself - for each ride.

EquiTrack Features:

Create custom training programs to enhance your workouts.
Add custom notes to each ride.
Each horse in your stable has a summary page showing the total time, distance, speeds, and energy used for all of it's rides.
Choose ground conditions to save with each ride for future reference, or to compare performances.
Weather data is automatically added and saved with each ride.
Your starting location is automatically added and saved with each ride.
View your current speed, top speed, average speed, distance, time, and energy burned for each ride.
View stable totals - see how far and fast your entire stable has ridden.
Choose from many built-in sounds to customize the training program notifications.

Training Programs:

EquiTrack allows you to use up to 9 custom training programs to help train your equine to reach it peak performance.
Each training program has up to 10 steps using either time or distance to record each step.
EquiTrack will notify you by sound when each step is about to finish, then when it has finished.
Easily modify a program to include or skip steps as desired.
Each step is recorded separately so you can see performance on each step.

Example of a Custom Training Program:

Step 1 - Warmup for 4 minutes
Step 2 - Trot for 1/4 mile
Step 3 - Walk for 2 minutes
Step 4 - Lope for 4 minutes

You can also ride without using any training program and the ride will be recorded on a map as well as statistics.

Background GPS Use: Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Please Note: This app requires a GPS enabled device.

An Important Note About Energy Used:

The ‘calories burned’ calculation for humans is calculated using the speed and distance of your ride and is based on readily available calculations.

However, energy consumed for horses is very difficult to calculate and would be determined by many factors, much more than is applicable to this app.

Please note that the calculation for calories burned for your horse is not accurate and should not be used for anything other than a reference point to see if the horse is ‘burning more energy’ than the previous ride or training session.

Please consult your veterinarian for questions regarding your horse’s health and caloric intake needs.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

Eric Lund

iTrainer Dog whistle & Clicker is a simple and easy to use app that bundles a dog whistle, squeaky sounds, a training clicker, and 40+ animal sound effects to assist with training your dog or pet!

• Dog whistle with customizable frequency from 100hz to 35kHz
• Several unique squeaker toy sounds effects
• Intuitive dog clicker with 5 different clicker sounds
• 40+ sound effects to entertain your dog (or pet). Sounds include: Cats, Dogs, Birds & more!
• Does your dog like a particular sound? Record your own!
• Information on clicker training and positive-reinforcement obedience training

About clicker training:
Clicker training is a form of training which utilizes an audible marker to communicate to the animal what specific behavior the trainer is looking for. The sound of the click tells the animal it is doing something correct, the very moment it happens, and it is followed up with a small reward. The clicker-savvy animal understands that if it repeats the behavior it was doing when it heard the click last time, it will receive another treat! The sound of the click is used to capture a natural behavior (such as the dog sitting down or tilting its head) or it can be used to gradually shape complex behaviors such as opening doors, or turning on light switches. Once the pet and owner both understand the concept of training, new behaviors can be learned in a matter of minutes at any point in the animal’s life, making it an extremely effective training tool!

Thank you for looking at iTrainer!

Connect with Other Pet Parents

Share your fondness of animals with social apps for pet parents. Connect and communicate with pet lovers from near and far.



BarkHappy Inc.


For those interested in an app where they can connect with other local dog parents.

BarkHappy helps you find and connect with your local dog community. In addition, you can check out dog-friendly spots on an interactive map, schedule play dates and events, and report lost or found dogs. The app provides product offers, daily matches, and more.

Why we love it

BarkHappy is a great way to find dog-friendly spots in your area and connect with other dog parents for play dates.

Pets Amino

Share a story, ask questions, and give advice within a social pet community.

Pets Amino

Pets Amino

For those who like to communicate with other pet parents.

Pets Amino for Dog, Cat & Fish Pet Owners offers a great way to share your love of animals and your own pet with others. You can discover pet parents nearby, ask questions if you need help, and give your own advice. Whatever type of pet you have, a dog, cat, rabbit, or horse, the community is open to pet enthusiasts around the world.

Why we love it

Pets Amino for Dog, Cat & Fish Pet Owners makes it easy to share your stories, photos, and love of animals with others just like you.