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Craft Supplies

It’s Time to Get Creative with Apps for Those Who Like Crafts

If you enjoy crafts, and maybe your kids do too, then these are the apps for you. With ideas, guides, videos, supply deals, and more, explore your creative side with these terrific apps for crafts.

For Guides and Projects

Whether you just want craft ideas or full how-to videos and classes, these apps can help. See what others are creating, check the latest news in supplies and products, and connect with craft makers like you.



Sympoz Inc.

Crafty classes

For adults who enjoy video classes for all types of crafts and projects.

Craftsy provides a nice selection of video classes for everything from cooking and sewing to woodworking and paper crafts. The app is attractive, easy-to-use, and provides recommendations for similar classes to those that interest you.

Why we love it

If you are serious about crafts and really want to learn something new, Craftsy has a class for you.

Amino for: Crafting and DIY

Amino for: Crafting and DIY

Narvii Inc.

Amino for: Crafting and DIY

For those who want a craft app with tutorials, news, and a community of crafters.

Crafty Amino brings you tutorials, patterns, and project ideas for everything from beading and sewing to scrapbooking and papercrafts. It’s not just a craft app, but also a community of people who love crafts like you do. You can connect with others, discuss craft projects, and share your own techniques. Or, just look for projects that interest you and learn exactly how to create them.

Why we love it

Crafty Amino is a terrific app for those who love to create, share, and discuss crafts of all types.

For Fun with Papercrafts

You will be amazed at what you can create with a piece of paper. These papercraft apps will show you how to fold your way to a fun new crafting skill.

Minecraft: Papercraft Studio

Minecraft: Papercraft Studio

57Digital Ltd

OFFICIAL MINECRAFT APP! Create awesome Minecraft models using just paper and glue!


• The only official Minecraft Papercraft app!
• Supports both Steve and Alex character models!
• Mobs, Blocks, Items and Characters included at no extra cost!
• Import a skin by entering a username
• Browse our collection of over 700,000+ community submitted skins
• Print 3D blocks (such as grass blocks, diamond blocks, TNT, beds, doors and more!)
• Design your own 3D model using the Skin Studio app (sold separately)
• Add a CAPE and a stand for your model!
• Print Items (such as pickaxes, swords, diamonds + more!)
• Air Print compatible, but a wireless printer is NOT required, generate a PIN code to download your Papercraft on your PC/Mac! Or e-mail a copy to yourself.

Arts and crafts has never been this much fun! What will YOU make?

Watch the trailer here!

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB.

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3D Papercraft - Create PaperChibi Avatar
3D Papercraft - Create PaperChibi Avatar

3D Papercraft - Create PaperChibi Avatar


PaperChibi is an amazing new iOS application for personalized avatar paper crafts. Check out our video to see how it works: Make cute chibi avatars; change their clothes, hairstyle, eyes, and lots more. Then print and make real 3D papercraft avatars. Create chibi friends and family. Make a t-rex or a car for your chibi to ride in.

To assemble: use an adhesive dot roller, scrapbooking glue dots, a glue stick, or small strips of double sided tape.

Works best with photo paper or card stock. Use AirPrint to send finished chibi directly to your printer; set your printer to use 8.5"x11" or A4 paper. Email a PDF or save one to iBooks or similar apps.

Chibi avatars are completely customizable! There are several print options that vary in poses and difficulty. The simplest chibi is very kid friendly. Incredibly fun for school art classes. Teachers, consider adding them to storytelling projects!

Take a photo of the chibi avatars you've made and share them on Instagram or Twitter with hash tag #paperchibi.

Follow us at or

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Foldify - Create, Print & Fold
Foldify - Create, Print & Fold

Foldify - Create, Print & Fold


-= APPLE 2012 EDITORS' CHOICE, 4.5/5 148Apps, 10/10 App Storm, "Brilliant app" iMore, "An ingenious new idea, beautifully made" Cult of Mac =-
Draw, create, print and fold beautiful 3D figures with Foldify. You don't need drawing skills, Foldify has tons of free content to create amazing, high quality figures!

"It’s one of those rare surprises that make the App Store great." - The Next Web

"Foldify is a brilliant idea turned into a brilliant app" - iMore, Editor's Choice - 148Apps

"Foldify is fantastic, great fun for kids. An ingenious new idea, beautifully made and full of fun." - Cult of Mac

Every action you take in Foldify is previewed in real-time 3D, without any delays or extra steps.

Fun with the app doesn't have to end on your device. Print your figure using AirPrint or send as a PDF by e-mail.

Share your creations with other users, browse and like Figures from around the world! You can also print all figures you see online!

Foldify includes a collection of figure templates, and many categories of stamps like eyes and mouths that make it easy to create high quality figures. Or you can always draw your own.

Share your creations instantly. Send them over email, or share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Origami Paper Craft
Origami Paper Craft

Origami Paper Craft


Enjoy the world of Origami Art with thousands of video contents! With this iPhone App, you can appreciate Origami works created by worldwide Origami artists as well as Origami lovers, featuring various themes from traditional ones like cranes and goldfish to more innovative ones like tyrannosaurus and orchids.

Aside from videos and photos, you can enjoy many other features including origami wiki library.

1) Tons of high resolution origami photos
2) Over 1,000 origami videos
3) Origami wiki library
4) Daily updated contents

- Flower : Lily
- Flower : Orchid
- Flower : Rose
- Flower : Tulip
- Animal : Cat
- Animal : Crocodile
- Animal : Dog
- Animal : Elephant
- Animal : Giraffe
- Animal : Hippopotamus
- Animal : Horse
- Animal : Lion
- Animal : Rhino
- Animal : Sheep
- Animal : Snake
- Animal : Tiger
- Dinosaur : Brachiosaurus
- Dinosaur : Pteranodon
- Dinosaur : Stegosaurus
- Dinosaur : T-Rex
- Dinosaur : Triceratops
- Insect : Beetle
- Insect : Butterfly
- Insect : Mantis
- Insect : Stag
- Traditional : Balloon
- Traditional : Box
- Traditional : Crane
- Traditional : Frog
- Traditional : Goldfish
- Traditional : Iris
- Traditional : Kabuto-Helmet
- Traditional : Lantern
- Traditional : Shuriken
- Vehicle : Motorcycle
- Vehicle : Robot
- Vehicle : Rocket
- Vehicle : Ship
- Exhibition : Christmas
- Exhibition : Museum
- Others : Accessories
- Others : Doll
and much more!

*You must be connected to the internet to enjoy this app.

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For Those Who Like to Knit

If you love to knit, then these apps are perfect for you. Create sweaters, scarves, and so much more with patterns and counters to help you along the way.

Knitting iCharts

Knitting iCharts

Peter Schneider

Knitting iCharts - the must-have for everyone that designs their own knitting pattern and wishes to illustrate the charts appealingly.

With this app you are able to:
⁃ create a table with up to 99 stitches in 99 rows.
⁃ fill the grid with stitch symbols or colours to create a colourful pattern.
⁃ save the table together with a key explaining the stitch symbols and use it in your written pattern or share it via several channels.

Additionally we offer the service to implement missing stitch symbols. Just send an email to our support!

When developing this app we made sure that it is easy-to-use and intuitive that creating a new chart is a piece of cake!

Please feel free to use the charts built in Knitting iCharts in patterns that you are selling.

Happy designing!

Stitch Count

Stitch Count

Michael Sealand

Stitch Count is a simple app to help knitters and crocheters manage their stitches and rows. Its design is straightforward enough for those who just want an easy way to keep track of numbers, but it’s also great for designers who need to take notes and pictures while creating a pattern. You can manage multiple projects at once and share your progress. Stitch Count was created with knitting and crocheting in mind, but it can easily be used for any project that involves multiple steps.



What There's Time For LLC

Maybe you're the kind of knitter that always has things in order. You'd love nothing better than to set up each row of a pattern before you even cast on. Or maybe you're the type that dives in with abandon... but would love a lifeline to easily get started again, no matter how long that shawl or hat or intricate baby sweater has been lost in the bottom of your bag.

Either way or somewhere in between, Knitamus is designed for you.

Each Knitamus project can have as many pieces as you need (for sleeves, front, and back, for instance). And each piece has a single counter so you always know which row you're on. Easily display as many PDF pages or chart photos as you need in the special chart window with an adjustable highlight bar that remembers each row. You can quickly page through to set the highlight for every row before you even start, including repeating highlights, or you can just get started and each row will be remembered as you go in case you knit it again. Easily add notes, repeating or not, to any row at any time.

iCloud sync allows you to work on your iPhone when you're out and about, or enjoy the larger space of your iPad when it's available.

The Ravelry connection keeps your photos and project status up-to-date automatically.

I hope you enjoy Knitamus! Please share the love by leaving a review on the App Store and contact me by email with any questions or concerns.

Happy knitting!

Knitamus is designed and built by an avid knitter, with gratitude for ideas and support from wonderful knitting friends.

Projects that appear in the screenshots were knit from or inspired by the following published patterns:
Forest Owl by Natalia Moreva of Kulabra Design
O.W.L. Mittens by Celeste Young
Tomten Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Ribbon Drop Scarf by Wendy Ellis
The Almost Lost Washcloth by Julie Tarsha
Tiny Trees Baby Vest by Kylie Bates

For Deals on Crafting Supplies

You don’t have to spend a fortune on craft supplies. These apps give you the deals and coupons for your local stores that you need to stay within your budget while enjoying your craft.

Michaels Stores

Michaels Stores

Michaels Stores, Inc.

For those who shop at Michaels and want an app with deals on craft and hobby supplies.

With the Michaels Stores app, you can check out weekly ads for deals and coupons at your local store. Browse ideas for crafts and hobbies, see events coming your way, and save your favorite ideas and products. You can also sign up for Michaels Rewards to receive exclusive offers and early sales alerts.

Why we love it

If you enjoy shopping at Michaels, then this app is a must-have. You will never miss a sale, deal, or event at your local store.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Hobby Lobby

For those who shop at Hobby Lobby and want coupons for craft supplies and home décor.

Find a store, clip the weekly coupon, and check out money-saving ads with the Hobby Lobby app. You can use coupons you find either in-store or online, making shopping even more convenient. And, if you have a gift card, you can quickly check your balance.

Why we love it

The Hobby Lobby app is ideal for those who visit the store regularly. Get deals and coupons right to your device and then head to your local store or shop online.

For Cool Craft Magazines

Flip through a digital magazine for ideas, inspiration, tips, and techniques. If you enjoy all types of crafts, then these magazine apps are ideal.