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Let's All Do Our Part To Go Green

Let's All Do Our Part To Go Green

Save energy, money, and time while helping our planet. It’s easy with this list of apps that help you go green.

Track and Conserve Home Energy

Tracking your home’s energy usage can show you where to cut back and save. These terrific apps can help you do it.



Cleanbit Systems, Inc.

JouleBug is the easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. Discover how you and your friends can use resources, without using them up, with this newly designed app.

JouleBug organizes sustainability tips into Actions that you Buzz in the app when you do them in real-life. Learn more about each tip with easy-to-understand Impact Stats, Bonuses, How-To Videos, and Helpful Links. Encourage your friends by sharing how you’re making a difference and following what they’re up to in the Feed. Join local Communities for the latest sustainable news, limited-edition Actions and Badges, plus get access to local Challenges. Track your impact with your career stats and utility graph as your Trophy Case fills up. Save money, have fun, and be a little kinder to the planet, with JouleBug!

-Master Actions by Buzzing when you do it in real-life
-You’re awarded Points with each Buzz that correlates to the impact the action has on your wallet and the environment
-Earn extra achievements called Badges when you become an expert in the field
-Learn more about each action with Stats, Videos, and Links
-Localized content helps you find sustainable initiatives near you
-Easily discover new Actions by browsing various categories or searching

-Share what you’re Buzzing to the Feed and Facebook or Twitter
-Add Photos to any Buzz
-Join local Communities to see what’s happening near you
-Like and Comment on others’ stories
-Follow your friends or see what’s Trending for JouleBug Nation
-Compete in local and national Challenges to see who’s the greenest

-Career stats show you how many achievements and points you’ve earned
-Connect your utility account to track your home energy usage
-Fill up your Trophy Case

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Lower Your Bills With Thermostat Apps

For an easy and convenient way to go green, use an app that connects with your automated thermostat.

Find the Best Ways to Recycle

Never wonder again what to recycle or when. Use a handy app to help you join the recycling movement.


Scan a barcode, get details on material, and determine the best way to recycle your products.



For those interested in recycling their items properly.

Recyche is a handy tool for learning how to recycle items in your city. You can scan a barcode for product material details, view your list of recycled items, and check out a chart of your recycling history. Never wonder again how to recycle a product, this app gives you the information you need.

Why we love it

If you are unsure about how to recycle certain products in your city, get Recyche and get answers.

Recycle It

Get alerts for what to recycle and when with a convenient app.

Recycle It

Recycle It

For those interested in a recycle app that offers reminders.

If you often forget to get your recyclable items out to the curb, Recycle It is for you. The app offers helpful daily and weekly reminders with the product list. There is also a convenient alarm for when you need to place your items outside. You can get information on items so that you know exactly what to include and track how much you have recycled.

Why we love it

Recycle It is a helpful app with reminders and list of products you need to recycle.


View products, use reminders, and earn rewards for recycling.



For those interested in earning rewards for recycling.

Recyclebank encourages the recycling movement by offering points that can be redeemed for rewards. Those rewards include deals from local or national restaurants and stores. And, so that you do not forget, the app has handy reminders to get your recyclables out to the curb. Recyclebank also offers an easy signup, product lookup, and referral program.

Why we love it

Need a little boost to get on the recycling train? Get rewarded for recycling with Recyclebank.

Save Time, Money, and Emissions by Carpooling

Trusted carpool apps can get you on the road to going green. Share and save with these great apps.

Shop Local to Help Even More

By just shopping local, you can save time and energy, plus give back at the same time. These apps give you awesome nearby deals.