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It's Happy Hour, Stir It Up With Cool Cocktail Apps

Martinis, mojitos, merlots, and more. Whether a fancy cocktail or tasty wine is your favorite, these drink apps will have you blending, mixing, and uncorking in no time.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Maybe you are ready to test your bartending skills or are just someone who loves lively libations. Either way, apps with delicious drink recipes will turn you into a cocktail-making pro before you know it.

The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails

The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails

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The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails

For those who want a drink recipe app with photos and clear instructions for mixing cocktails.

The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails offers terrific photos of finished drinks as well as the ingredients you need. This way you can see with a peek if you have what you need. Follow the instructions to create the perfect cocktail. The app has 100 recipes, a search feature, and lets you save your favorites.

Why we love it

With The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails, you will be mixing refreshing drinks like a pro.

8,500+ Drink Recipes

For party planners and bartenders alike, this app has over 8,500 drink recipes.

8,500+ Drink Recipes

Categories and mixing

For those who want a cocktail app with an extensive database of recipes.

With 8500+ Drink & Cocktail Free, you are sure to find the right drink recipes for your party or bartending gig. Browse by category, search by cocktail, or get a random recipe each day for something new. The clean interface provides ingredients and instructions in a simple format. If you are looking for a free app with tons of drink and cocktail recipes, this is the app for you.

Why we love it

8500+ Drink & Cocktail Free is an easy-to-use, informative, and handy app for party planners, bartenders, or those who enjoy trying new mixed drinks.

Find the Perfect Beer

Whether you're looking for the perfect IPA or craft beer, want to plan the perfect meal, or worry about carbs or calories, these apps will help you find the perfect beer for you.

Barly - Beer Menus & Ratings

Barly - Beer Menus & Ratings

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No need to fear big craft beer menus! Barly learns your tastes to make the perfect beer recommendation for you. Discover nearby bars, see what's on tap, and always order beer you'll love!

• View tap lists from nearby bars and breweries including over 100K venues
• Get a recommendation for any beer based on community ratings and suited to your personal tastes
• Save your own ratings and never forget which beer you like best
• Write a review, check in to a venue, or read detailed tasting notes
• Sort any beer menu by alcohol percentage, calories, and more!

Ranked a top 5 best beer app by CNET:

See why Barly has been called “totally essential for learning about beer” and start drinking better beer today!

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Looking West

Find It, Drink It, Review It!
-Over 4,000 breweries from all over the world, and growing all the time
-Search breweries and beers by name, city, state, or your nearest location
-Keep track of breweries visited
-Beer Journal - Keep track of beers you have tried
-Detailed brewery information: address, website, phone number, brewery tours, tasting room, beer-to-go, and food
-In depth beer review form with 25 different categories
-Brewery Map – See where the breweries are located
-Add photos of beers to your journal
-Email journal entry to friends including photos
-Sync multiple devices together – Add a journal on your iPhone then view and edit on your iPad
-Post journals to Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote
-Cloud data backup

myBeerNation is a comprehensive brewery finder and personal beer journal with a detailed beer evaluation form for the iPad and iPhone. This all-in-one app is for everyone who enjoys visiting breweries or likes to try different beers at your neighborhood bar. myBeerNation is perfect for the casual beer drinker or full-fledged beer judge. All you have to do is Find It, Drink It, Review It!

Find It! Use the brewery finder to locate breweries from around the world, myBeerNations is one of the most comprehensive brewery databases on the market today. There are over 3,200 breweries from the large contract breweries to small nano breweries. The brewery database displays search results as you type. Simply type in a city or state, beer name, or just part of the brewery’s name and the results will display instantly! Searching for the closest brewery to your location is also fast and easy. Once you find a brewery, the detailed brewery information page will provide the address, map of the area, brewery’s website, and phone number. But this app doesn’t stop there... you’ll also find information on brewery tours, tasting rooms, food, and even if the brewery offers beer-to-go! The database is constantly being updated so when a new beer is added, it is automatically added to your device. You can also keep track of the breweries you have visited.

Drink It! Whether it is at the brewery, the bar, or even your house, you can use myBeerNation anywhere!

Review It! Everyone’s taste buds are different, that is why we focus on your personal beer drinking experience. myBeerJournal is centered around you! Your journal entry is as in-depth as you want it to be… simply rate the beer or you can critique each beer from the head size, body clarity, aroma, taste and even mouth feel. It’s up to you! It’s your beer journal! myBeerJournal is perfect for remembering that fantastic beer you had last night, last week, or even last year. Your journal is always there to remind you what you liked about a beer and what you didn’t. You can even share your journal with your friends.

Sync up! If you have an iPhone and an iPad, you can link the two devices together seamlessly. Add a beer on your iPhone at your neighborhood bar, when you get home its already updated on your iPad. Once you have synced your device, all of your journal entries are backed up in our cloud database. If you lose your iPhone or iPad, you can retrieve all of your information on your new device with one simple step! Your journals will always be there.

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Red, White, or Rose?

If you enjoy a fine wine or simply a delicious one that is affordable, these apps will help you find the perfect bottle for you.

unWine - Social Wine Discovery

unWine - Social Wine Discovery


For those who enjoy wine and like social apps for wine discovery.

With unWine, you can enjoy a social experience while discovering new flavors. You check out the newsfeed, connect with a community, make comments, and receive notifications. If you love wine and networking with others who do too, then unwind with unWine.

Why we love it

Connect with others who share your taste in wine or discover something new with unWine.

X VALUES by Wine Spectator

Find wines you can afford, see where to purchase them, and add them to your favorites.

X VALUES by Wine Spectator

Pick and choose

For those who appreciate finding highly-rated wines that don’t break the bank.

If you appreciate a good wine, but cannot afford to spend a fortune, check out Xvalues – Value Wines by Wine Spectator. With ratings from Wine Spectator, regional availability, pricing, and images of labels, finding a wine you love that doesn’t break the bank is just a few clicks away.

Why we love it

Xvalues – Value Wines by Wine Spectator is a handy app for those wine enthusiasts looking for a great price on a delicious wine.

Last Call!

If you are not sure what type of drink you are in the mood for, discover a new concoction with these cool options.