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It's Happy Hour, Stir It Up With Cool Cocktail Apps

Martinis, mojitos, merlots, and more. Whether a fancy cocktail or tasty wine is your favorite, these drink apps will have you blending, mixing, and uncorking in no time.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Maybe you are ready to test your bartending skills or are just someone who loves lively libations. Either way, apps with delicious drink recipes will turn you into a cocktail-making pro before you know it.

8,500+ Drink Recipes

For party planners and bartenders alike, this app has over 8,500 drink recipes.

8,500+ Drink Recipes

Categories and mixing

For those who want a cocktail app with an extensive database of recipes.

With 8500+ Drink & Cocktail Free, you are sure to find the right drink recipes for your party or bartending gig. Browse by category, search by cocktail, or get a random recipe each day for something new. The clean interface provides ingredients and instructions in a simple format. If you are looking for a free app with tons of drink and cocktail recipes, this is the app for you.

Why we love it

8500+ Drink & Cocktail Free is an easy-to-use, informative, and handy app for party planners, bartenders, or those who enjoy trying new mixed drinks.

Find the Perfect Beer

Whether you're looking for the perfect IPA or craft beer, want to plan the perfect meal, or worry about carbs or calories, these apps will help you find the perfect beer for you.

Barly - Beer Menus & Ratings

Barly - Beer Menus & Ratings

Top Banana Technologies, Inc.

No need to fear big craft beer menus! Barly learns your tastes to make the perfect beer recommendation for you. Discover nearby bars, see what's on tap, and always order beer you'll love!

• View tap lists from nearby bars and breweries including over 100K venues
• Get a recommendation for any beer based on community ratings and suited to your personal tastes
• Save your own ratings and never forget which beer you like best
• Write a review, check in to a venue, or read detailed tasting notes
• Sort any beer menu by alcohol percentage, calories, and more!

Ranked a top 5 best beer app by CNET:

See why Barly has been called “totally essential for learning about beer” and start drinking better beer today!

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Today's Beer
Today's Beer

Today's Beer


Your daily beer inspiration.

Discover a world of beer right at your fingertips. Rotate every beer 360 degrees while examining distinct label designs, and uncommon bottle types. Tap for full beer profiles and again for ‘pint view’, displaying the true color of every beer.

Missed Today’s Beer? View our 7 day beer history to make your next choice a unique one.

Tweet your thoughts on Today’s Beer, and follow our in App feed for your latest #craftbeer news.

We hope you enjoy ‘Today’s Beer’ as much as tomorrows, and that it allows you to discover some of the greatest craft brews from around the world.

App Features:

1 Unique Beer Everyday (Beer of the Day)

360 deg Bottle Rotation*


Brewery Info

Pint View

7 Day Beer History

Twitter Integration


Tap the Brewery Name to open their website for more information (This is the best source for beer availability in your area as most breweries provide distribution locations.)

Have a beer we haven’t featured yet, or think we haven’t been showing styles or brands you like? Visit our website and let us know!

Today's Beer does not condone the consumption of alcohol by minors under the age of 21 and in no way is associated with or endorse any of the breweries or distributors of the beers featured in this app. Today's Beer takes no responsibility for the availability or quality of the beers featured. Please be responsible and do not drink and drive.

*Bottle Rotations contain between 3-5MB of image data per beer, and can take several minutes to download based on connection speed and type. Due to this, these rotations are only available after a user initiated tap and we highly recommend the use of a WiFi -or- Unlimited Cellular Connection to avoid any additional bandwidth charges. Today's Beer and early-humans take no responsibility for any charges that you may incur, including but not limited to bandwidth overages with the use of this app.

designed and developed by early-humans

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Last Call!

If you are not sure what type of drink you are in the mood for, discover a new concoction with these cool options.