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Best Comic File Readers

Best Comic File Readers

With more and more comic publishers offering their comics as DRM-free files, it is easier than ever to read comics on your iOS device. Therefore it's more important than ever to have a great app dedicated to reading comic book files. These files generally contain compressed images (in the format CBR, CBZ, or as a PDF) that each app reads, interprets, and then displays as a nearly-identical version of the paper comic book. You can access comic books in numerous ways including file readers, full blown digital stores, or even subscription services.

Comic Book Readers

If you have your own comic books, then these apps let you read them without much fuss. Simply add your files, and start reading. You can use local or cloud storage to import your files, and not have to worry about subscriptions, additional purchases, or any additional fees.

Chunky Comic Reader
Chunky Comic Reader

Chunky Comic Reader

Michael Ferenduros

If we had to pick just one app on this list, and reading comics on the iPhone wasn’t required, it would be Chunky Comics Reader. First and foremost, comics in any format look great in Chunky. They display quickly and there’s no lag or stutter when you turn pages, zoom in or adjust the zoom. Chunky is also extremely well-designed, sporting a clean, intuitive interface that makes adding, organizing, and reading your comics nearly effortless. Like the best iOS apps, Chunky includes deceptively small touches that enhance the overall experience of using the app, such as: a settings menu that can pop up an explanation of what each setting is and what it does; a parental lock; a viewing option called “tap to pan” that resembles the much-praised “Guided View” from Comixology; and the ability to freely move comics out of the app via the “open in” function. Chunky is very customizable, but it is also intelligent; it will automatically file your imported comics by series, and let you fix any mistakes it makes. The app also makes it very easy to import comics, by including an integrated web browser as well as pre-configured connections to accounts on services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Mediafire, Pogoplug, FTP, and even Image Comics, with still more connections (such as Windows and Mac shared folders, OPDS/Calibre support, and the ability to act as a web server) available as an in-app purchase. Part of the reason Chunky works so well may be that the developer is very open to user feedback and updates the app with impressive regularity, adding new features and refining existing ones.

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Tim Oliver

iComics is attractively-designed, but despite its polish, the app is a bit confusing to use and doesn’t excel at displaying comic files. For example, when you zoom in on a page, blurry text isn’t sharpened. That said, iComics has some good sharing features that some may find too useful to pass up. The Universal app uses the iOS extension share sheet to facilitate importing files from cloud storage services, network attached storage, and even iCloud Drive. The functionality works well, and the app also includes useful features such as the ability to open a file in a different app, an option to switch reading direction for Manga, and a choice to not back up to iTunes/iCloud.

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Comic Book Digital Stores

Remember going to a comic book store, and seeing racks and boxes full of different comic books? Well, now you can shop from the comfort of your iOS device, and don't have to worry about damaging the comics by reading them. All of these purchased comics also don't take up any storage space beyond your iOS device.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics

For more than 35 years Dark Horse Comics has published some of the best comics and graphic novels in the world. With the Dark Horse Comics app your favorites are at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

From celebrated creator-owned originals and award-winning manga, to breathtaking art books and ground-breaking series based on popular movies, games, and TV shows, Dark Horse has something for everyone.

There’s even more amazing content from Berger Books! Check out Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts, Invisible Kingdom, LaGuardia, The Seeds, and more. All brought to you by the legendary, award-winning editor, Karen Berger.

Discover and preview thousands of comics, graphic novels, and art books, with new releases each week! Save $$ with comic bundles! Personalize your reading experience with options like panel zoom mode! Get notified about sales and Dark Horse news! Share your favorite comic panels with your social media friends and foes! With the Dark Horse Comics app, you’re always just a few taps away from discovering and enjoying thousands of Dark Horse comics and graphic novels!

5000+ comics and books with more added every week, including 300, American Gods, Assassin’s Apprentice, Astro Boy, Avatar: The Last Airbender, B.P.R.D., Baltimore, BANG!, Beasts of Burden, Berserk, Black Hammer, Blade of the Immortal, Creepy, Critical Role, Cyberpunk 2077, Dragon Age, EC Archives, Eerie, ElfQuest, Emily the Strange, Empowered, Ether, Fight Club 2 and 3, Final Fantasy, Gantz G, God of War, The Goon, Grendel, Groo, Halo, Harrow County, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Hellboy, Iyanu, James Cameron's Avatar, Joe Golem: Occult Detective, Kabuki, Lady Killer, The Last of Us, The Legend of Korra, The Legend of Zelda, Lone Wolf and Cub, Madman, Frank Miller’s Sin City, The Mask, Mass Effect, Mind MGMT, Minecraft, Mob Psycho 100, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Norse Mythology, Plants vs. Zombies, Polar, Resident Alien, Rick and Morty, Shaolin Cowboy, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Super Mario, Tarzan, Tom Clancy's The Division, Trigun, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Umbrella Academy, Usagi Yojimbo, The Witcher, World of Warcraft, Zodiac Starforce, and many, many, more!

Start building your collection today!

DC Comics

DC Comics

DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world, featuring a wide variety of characters and genres. Renowned for the World's Greatest Super Heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many many more - DC has thrilled readers with fantastic tales from the DC UNIVERSE in dozens of languages around the world for decades.

Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC also presents different flavors of graphic storytelling through its diverse imprints.

With the official DC COMICS App, you can download and enjoy great comic books from our current weekly offerings plus our vast, legendary classics library. Powered by ComiXology, this app enables you to take advantage of the unique Guided View reading experience or enjoy the pristine, classic full page view. What's more, you'll be able to conveniently manage and read your entire collection anytime, whether you're at your desk computer, laptop or on the move using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Experience the amazing world of DC wherever you are!

Comixology - Comics & Manga

Comixology - Comics & Manga


Upgrade your comics experience with Comixology! Explore over 230,000 digital comics, manga, and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, Viz, Kodansha, Dark Horse, Image, our own exclusive Comixology Originals, and many, many more with new content debuting nearly every day!

Whether this is your first experience with comics or you’ve been a fan for years, get ready, because Comixology is going to change the way you explore the world of superheroes, sci-fi, crime noir, horror, slice-of-life and more!

What are you waiting for? Here’s just a small peek at what makes us your premier digital comics service:

Not only do we have 230,000 comics, graphic novels and manga, but with a Comixology Unlimited (CU) subscription, fans can read over 40,000 titles. CU comes with a 30-day free trial and is currently only available to US-based customers. Kindle Unlimited or Prime Member? Check out the thousands of comics available to borrow and read in our app!

Comixology, Amazon's premier digital comics service, has the perfect comic for you, from all the major publishers to indie darlings forging their own way! Our selection is unrivaled! Read the comics that inspired the hit shows and movies, like Invincible, The Boys, The Walking Dead, Locke & Key, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe and so many others.

Two words: Guided View. Experience comics in a whole new way with our cinematic and immersive reading options on any size device.

Going off the grid? ComiXology has offline reading so your books will always be with you.

Get exclusive access to Comixology Originals, our digital-first content line, with titles from top creators like Scott Snyder, Stephanie Phillips, Chip Zdarsky, C. Spike Trotman, Jock, and more. Titles are available at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited, and for purchase on the comics shopping experience on Amazon.

By using this app, you agree to the Kindle Store Terms of Use ( and Amazon Privacy Notice (

Twitter: @comixology

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Madefire Inc.

Featured App Store Editors' Choice with Best of July, Best New Apps, (July 2014) and Best of 2014 awards

Winner of Pipedream Comics Digital Comics App of 2014

Madefire delivers the most innovative mobile and tablet app with its rich catalogue of new digital comics and Motion Books -- the flagship reading experience with added interactivity, sound and motion.

Featuring day-and-date releases for new comics every Wednesday.

• Experience your favorite superheroes Batman, Superman and the entire DC Universe, Hellboy, Star Trek, My Little Pony and Transformers like never before. With top publishers like DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Liquid, Valiant and Top Cow adding to the Print and Motion Book library, your favorite classics as well as new day-and-date releases are available now and updated weekly.

• Browse hundreds of new print comic titles from top-tier publishers in our new Print Books storefront where we feature famous comics released same-day... all available for direct In-App Purchases.

• Choose your own destiny in our exclusive release with DC Comics, Batman Arkham Origins. The first-of-its kind Motion Book is a prequel to the Batman Arkham Origins video game where multiple story paths unfold multiple outcomes as you choose Batman’s course of action.

• All new characters and stories are available exclusively on Madefire with the download of the free app. What have been coined “myths of the 21st century”, these featured original titles from Madefire have been forged by comic book legends – including Stan Lee, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Carey, Clive Barker and Liam Sharp.

• Immerse yourself in a new space; 360 panoramic views, music, sound effects and motion transport you deep into story worlds. You control the pace at which stories unfold on-screen.

• Web-Partner deviantArt is the world’s largest creative community and home of the exclusive Motion Books category. Now featured in the app is a channel dedicated to the "deviants" full of new characters and stories from the indie community.

• Madefire and its catalogue of Print Comics and Motion Books currently feature a wide selection of FREE comics, popular day and date releases, horror comics, kids comics and many more with the catalogue growing by the week. Regardless what you are in to - there is something for you!

Download the free app and find out why it’s not just reading – it’s the future of digital storytelling on Madefire.

“Groundbreaking” – USA Today

“You should check this out” - TIME

“The next big thing in digital comics” – Wired

“Unlike some other reading apps, using Madefire was intuitive” – TechCrunch

We welcome your input and suggestions on how we can improve Accessibility and overall support in Madefire. Email us as and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Rusumat | رسومات

Rusumat | رسومات

Gravity Issues Limited

Reading E in Rusumat just got smoother….

Rusumat is the number one digital comic and book app for independent comic books, anthologies, graphic novels and children’s books from the Middle East and U.K. Download Rusumat and discovers a new world of comics in French Arabic and English.

No need to curb your choices with epic new releases every week, covering your favourite genre from comedy, thriller, science fictions, horror, fantasy, to superheroes and more. Search for your favourite comic or find something new with comics and books from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunis, U.K and USA.

Main App Features:
Panel by Panel: Get closer to the action. Swipe from panel to panel for immersive reading
Freeform navigation: Go with the flow left, right, zoom in, zoom out
Full page viewing: Go old school and read in full-page
Dual orientation: Flip the tables read in landscape or portrait mode
Offline capabilities: No Wi-Fi no problem just keep reading, anytime, anywhere!
Bookmark: Never lose your place bookmark the last page and come back whenever you want
Invite friends and start earning ComiCoins to get your favourite comic for free
Easy Access: Tap and download straight from the app to your phone

Your comic your rules!!
New, unique and exclusive independent comics and books for all ages from Accent UK, Ash Pure, Lab619, Illusion Comics, Samdanal, Asala Children’s Publishers, TPub, Twisted Dark, Ophois, Wayl, Barbatoz, Comics Gate, Jin Wars, Kareem Ahmed, Dani, Metro, TokTok, Tabatha, Westernoir and much much more ……….
More information:
YouTube: Rusumat Digital Comics :
Instagram: rusumatcomics
Twitter: @rusumatme

Comics Subscription

With a comic service, you can ask an comic in the given collection for a single monthly fee. Think Netflix, but for comic books.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited


For those who like comic books from Marvel Comics.

Get “Captain America,” Iron Man,” “The Avengers,” and all your favorites with the Marvel Unlimited Comics app. You can check out over 20,000 digital comics with the subscription service and read up to 12 issues offline. Preview and read select issues at no charge and then sign up for the membership for unlimited options.

Why we love it

With a membership you can get as many of Marvel’s 20,000 titles right to your device with the Marvel Unlimited Comics app.