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dog apps

The Best Dog Apps for Dog Lovers

As you know, Dogs have the nickname of "man's best friend." With these dog apps, it's easy to see why.

Know Your Dog Breeds

While dogs are great, there are a ton of different breeds out there, so you should research the different ones before finding one you prefer.

What Dog A Microsoft Garage Project

Fetch! lets you find out or at least come close to figuring out the breed of your dog.

What Dog A Microsoft Garage Project

Take a pic

For anyone who wants to find out what a dog breed is or just have some fun.

Fetch! is a fun app that helps you figure out what kind of dog you have. Find out about the breed, see images and learn things you didn't know. The app also works on people so you can find out what kind of breed you would be just for fun.

Why we love it

Fetch is a fun app that makes it easy to identify dogs, even if it may not be 100 percent accurate. Plus, it tells us what kind of dog it thinks we are, too.

Find Your New Best Friend

Now that you know all about the various breed types and have settled on a few that you particularly like, it's time to find your new best friend.

BarkBuddy - Adopt a Dog Near You

When you're part of the YOLO generation and want to adopt a pet

BarkBuddy - Adopt a Dog Near You

BarkBuddy - Adopt a Dog Near You

For the younger generation who wants to easily find adoptable dogs in the area.

BarkBuddy is an official app from BarkBox and it makes it super easy for the younger generation to adopt a dog nearby. You can browse through the profiles and pictures of available dogs for adoption in the area, and swipe to show if you're interested or not. As you go through the app more, the algorithm will learn the types of dogs you prefer and give you recommendations over time. Save favorites, get in contact with shelters and rescues, and be on your way to your next furry companion!

Why we love it

BarkBox is a popular service and we are pleased to see them helping in the adoption process for younger people.

AllPaws - Find a Dog, Cat or Pet to Adopt Near You

Find your next dog right now

AllPaws - Find a Dog, Cat or Pet to Adopt Near You

AllPaws - Find a Dog, Cat or Pet to Adopt Near You

For anyone looking to adopt a new cutie pie.

AllPaws is a gorgeous app that helps you find your next dog or cat. AllPaws features over 200,000 dogs, cats, and other pets nationwide, and you can browse through a huge database of photos to find your next love. If you find a pet that catches your eye, mark it as a favorite so you can easily come back to it. View full profiles, photos, and get in contact with the animals you want to rescue!

Why we love it

AllPaws not only looks great, but is a large database of pets that are available for adoption. It's perfect for anyone who believes in the "adopt, don't shop" philosophy.

Train Your Dog

Now that you have your new furry best friend, it's time to make sure that they get trained properly! These apps make training easy.

Know Your Dog's Health

Dogs are not just pets, but members of the family. Make sure you know when they're healthy or need a trip to the vet.

Pawprint - Pet Health Tracker

Easily track your pet's health

Pawprint - Pet Health Tracker

Pawprint - Pet Health Tracker

For anyone who is looking to keep track of their pet's health and well-being

Pawprint is a simple app that makes it super easy to connect all of your pet's caretaker network together and centralize the health data of your pet in one place. Pawprint allows you to keep track of medical records, feeding instructions, reminders, and even upload photos for everyone to see. Pawprint can even work with your veterinarian to obtain official records in case of emergency.

Why we love it

Our pets are just more family members. With Pawprint, it's never been easier to keep your pet caretaker network and all of your pet's health information in one place.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Pet parents should always be prepared for emergencies.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

For those with a cat or dog who want a pet first aid app at their fingertips.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross is a must-have app for pet parents. The app offers information for both cats and dogs along with tons of first aid categories. From allergic reactions to wounds, you can find what you need quickly. There are also sections for preparedness, emergency situations, and quizzes.

Why we love it

If you are the proud parent of a cat or dog, be prepared for emergency situations with Pet First Aid by American Red Cross. It’s a lifesaver.

Banfield Pet Health Tracker

All of your pet's Banfield records in one place

Banfield Pet Health Tracker

Banfield Pet Health Tracker

For anyone who takes their pet to Banfield for their medical needs.

If you turn to Banfield for your pet's medical needs, then this is the app for you. With Banfield Pet Health Tracker, you'll get access to all of your furbabie's medical records at the hospital. You can also make appointments from the app, find the nearest Banfield hospital, and even add and manage pet photos. If you rely on Banfield, then this app is invaluable.

Why we love it

Our pet's health is important to us. That's why we turn to Banfield. This app makes it easy for anyone who trusts Banfield hospitals to have the information they need and make appointments in just a few taps.

Monitor Your Dog While You're Away

Even though we'd love to spend all day with our furry companions, we have to go to work or other activities. Make sure your pups are okay with these monitoring apps.

It's Time to Go Out and Make Some New Friends

Now that you're settled in with your dog, you have to remember one more important thing: have fun with your loving companion!



BarkHappy Inc.

Attention Dog Lovers! The app your dog has been waiting for is finally here!

BarkHappy is a location based app and community for dog lovers! We want to help you discover the dog friendly world around you! Go more places and do more things with your dog. Plus connect with the local dog community in your area!

Create a profile for your dog and see others near you! Send wags, messages, or invite others for a play date!

Find dog friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, parks, and more. Even see their pet policies and amenities!

Schedule your own private or public group play dates or dog friendly events and invite your friends. Plus see fun dog friendly events from BarkHappy or its its charity partners!

Report lost or found dogs and alert other users with the dogs photo, details and contact information- all based on where you dog was last seen

-Exclusive product offers, Daily matches, and much more..!

BarkHappy is now available Nationwide !

Be sure to let us know any feedback, suggestions, or issues you find! Our Support team is ready to help anytime. We're always trying to improve and we hope you and your dog enjoy it!

You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks for your patience and support!

If any issues please contact us! We always work on every single support request.

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Petzila Inc.

This is your very own social network for you and your pets. We make it simple to share your favorite pet's photos to a community of pet lovers and show-off your pet's life interests.

Our mission is to bring pets and their owners closer together through today's hottest trends and technologies; changing the world, one pet at a time.

These are some of the features you can find in Petzi:
- Users registration, being able to register as an owner of unlimited pets.
- Add your pet to your account to start posting pictures of that cutie pet.
- Different categories of pets around the world in order to help you find pets you would love to follow. These are some categories: Most Popular, Newest, Just Cats, Just Dogs and even more!
- See all post of each category just tapping on the category name!
- Share your very own pet's photos and show-off the cutest pictures of your pet with our community.
- You can follow pets around the world, so you can access easily to the newest posts of the pets you like.
- Your pets can be followed too, share with your friends and become the most popular pet owner in your city!
- If you don't have an account and just want to see how awesome Petzi is, you can explore the app and see all pets from around the world. You will love it so much, that right after exploring you will register.
- You can access your PetziConnect device from this app. You will be able to see your live video feed from this app and treat your pet anywhere!
- So much more features are coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Dogs Amino - Pet Community for Dog and Puppy Lovers
Dogs Amino - Pet Community for Dog and Puppy Lovers

Dogs Amino - Pet Community for Dog and Puppy Lovers

Narvii Inc.

Dogs Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network for dog lovers!

- Build a profile showing your passion for dogs and puppies
- Connect with other dog lovers around the world
- Discuss your favorite breeds
- Gain a massive following by sharing your thoughts, finds, and creations
- Discover dog fan art, images, and videos

In Dogs Amino, you can:

- Create polls and discussions to share with other dog lovers
- Show off your cute dog photos, pictures, and videos
- Share, discuss, identify, and debate breeds
- Obsess over the latest news, shows, and competitions
- Connect with local dog lovers

Discover other dog lovers nearby and around the world who share your passion for canines, different dog breeds, puppies, labs, beagles, boxers, corgis, dachshunds, terriers, spaniels, pugs, collies, bulldogs, and australian and german shepherds . Post and chat about your pet dog, breeds, shows, and competitions. Ask and answer questions on the fly and search for expert answers on everything dogs.

If you love dogs, cute puppies, puggles, mastiffs, the American Kennel Club, chow chows, dalmatians, hounds, rottweilers, pit bulls, shih tzus, collies, newfoundlands, pomeranians, akitas, sporting, working, toy, herding, and non sporting dogs, or any other aspect of the makeup universe, this is the right community for you!

Come find us on the web:

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