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Don't Get Lost in a New City

Don't Get Lost in a New City

Traveling to new cities is great because there is so much to see and do, but it can be overwhelming. These apps help you sort everything out.

Log Your Favorites

Now that you've gone around town and discovered plenty of cool places, sights, and people, it's time to log your adventures and make your own guide for your next visit.

Rego —  Manage your favorite places and routes

Keep track of your favorite spots in the city

Rego — Manage your favorite places and routes

Add photos to your guide

For those who like to remember their new favorites or bookmark places for later.

Rego is a powerful little app that lets users keep track of their favorite spots in a city on a map or in a list view. This is a great way to remember those spots and even store photographic memories or notes for future reference. You can create collections and color-code everything for easy recognition. Another purpose for Rego is to keep track of routes, in case you want to take the scenic path again or share it with others. And if you're worried about your data, don't worry — there's a way to export everything so you can just import it again later if you have to replace your device. No matter what you see or where you have gone to, Rego is a great way to keep it all together in one place.

Why we love it

Rego is a slick app that is easy to use and provides users with a ton of handy features for remembering their favorite spots.

Momento — Private Diary / Daily Journal

Momento takes the legwork out of journal keeping

Momento — Private Diary / Daily Journal

Everything in your timeline

For those who like to remember all memories, including social media.

Momento is another popular journaling app that is capable of a bit more than some of the competition. While it has the basics like new text and photo entry creation with the ability to add tags and places, automatically get date and time and geolocation data from photos for the entry date, it can do more. A big difference between Momento and Day One is the fact that Momento even has support for videos, which can be a big deal to many people — videos are a much more powerful form of media that helps you relive memories, after all. There is also automatic support for social media feeds built-in to Momento, rather than going through a third-party service like IFTTT. Plus there is iCloud syncing so you don't have to worry about a third-party syncing service, where your data is stored on someone's server. However, while Momento has many more features that can be useful for people, be warned that the initial load for your connected feed data can take a while and the scrolling is not as smooth. Still, Momento is an app to consider for those who want to make sure to capture every little detail of their lives.

Why we love it

Social media is a big part of our lives and it is important to include that in our journaling experience as well. Plus the support for videos is nice to have too.

Make New Friends While You're In Town

When you're new in town, you don't have to go through it alone. These apps help you find cool people in the area with the same interests as you. C'mon, have some fun!


When you want to find other like-minded individuals and make new friends


Find groups

For those who like to find other people with common interests.

Meetup is the official app for With this, you can find local groups of people that share common interests as you and meet them face-to-face and enjoy certain activities together. There are many different types of groups, ranging from hiking and exercise groups to tech to video games to support to arts and crafts — chances are that you will find something that catches your interest. When you find a group that looks interesting, just join it and you'll be in the loop for the next gathering and other event information. It's a great way to find other like-minded individuals as yourself and just make new friends in the city. Community is real, and it can be found through Meetup.

Why we love it

It can be hard to meet new people, but Meetup makes it easy to find others that share common interests and activities as you.

Time to Fuel Up

When you're visiting a place and don't want to deal with taxis or public transportation all the time, then it's best to rent your own car for convenience. But what about when you need to fuel up?

YP - Yellow Pages local search
YP - Yellow Pages local search

YP - Yellow Pages local search


YP℠ – the even-more-powerful Yellow Pages, helps you connect instantly with great local businesses. Find over 20 million business listings, browse menus, search by cuisine, book a table, see showtimes, find cheap gas, and navigate with maps. YP always helps you get it done, in a snap.

What else?
• Save and share your favorite go-to businesses with the mybook℠ feature, including theaters, shops & more
• Find the food you’re in the mood for by browsing restaurant menus (where available)
• Request a ride to that business in seconds, directly from Uber
• Order food directly from the app with our GrubHub integration
• Access showtimes and buy movie tickets directly from the app with our Fandango® integration
• Find the nearest gas, by price, grade, or location – wherever you are
• See service menus for doctors, attorneys, salons, auto repair and more – with pricing and other helpful details
• Make personal notes about your bookmarked businesses
• Use maps to easily find your bookmarked places
• Browse ratings, reviews and photos

YP can do that.℠

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The Coupons App
The Coupons App

The Coupons App

The Coupons App, LLC

Unbelievable coupon discounts at your favorite stores, restaurants & gas stations - coupons always at your fingertips, everywhere you go!

Shop free samples, discounted gas, coupons, weekly ads & store flyers, promo codes and markdown items from your favorite stores, updated daily. Retailers covered include: Forever 21, Target, Walmart, H&M, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, Hollister, Best Buy, Macy’s CVS, Joann Fabrics, Kohl's, Express, Starbucks, Michaels, Costco, Gap, Old Navy, Dollar General and many, many more!

The Coupons App features:

* FREE SAMPLES also 100% free magazines in your mailbox with no strings attached!
* GAS pricing - Cheapest gas at local gas stations nearby..
* SHARE Coupons - give your friends some coupon love!

Coupons continuously update throughout each day, it's like a fresh coupon buffet at your fingertips! Group daily deals, local coupon offers including your favorites Sears, Lord & Taylor, Kohl's, Dillards, CVS, Walgreens, OFF 5th, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Target Cartwheel, Chipotle, Express, LEGO, Kroger and so many more.

Local restaurants like Papa Johns, Chilis, McDonalds, Five Guys, Taco Bell to name just a few.

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Parking Made Easy

If you've been in metropolitan downtown areas, then you know that finding parking for some places can be a real pain. Thankfully, there's an app for that.

Parkopedia Parking

This app helps you find a spot to park your car

Parkopedia Parking

A parking encyclopedia

For those who are in a big metropolitan city and need help finding parking.

When you're in a big city, it can definitely be a hassle to find parking if you don't know where to go. Fortunately, Parkopedia Parking is an app that uses your location to point out the nearest parking structures to you, but also give you a heads up on how much it will cost. You can also find residential parking and other lots that may be convenient to where you're going. An option to favorite cities and spots is also available for future reference next time you're in the big city. Seriously, parking is a hassle but this app makes it much more bearable.

Why we love it

Parking in large cities can be a hassle, so having this app around can be a lifesaver when you need to find a spot.

ParkMe Parking

Find some cheap parking without the fuss

ParkMe Parking

Parking made easy

For anyone who needs some help finding the best but cheap parking anywhere.

ParkMe Parking is a simple but effective app to help you find great parking spots wherever you are. ParkMe gives users access to a database of both parking lots and parking meters, so you can find the cheapest parking options within the area. You can save up to 75 percent off of your parking fees by going through this app, and hey, who doesn't like to save some money? With some parking lots and garages, you can even reserve your spot in advance, which means no more circling around. Plus, the app also directs you to the nearest driveway, not just the street address, so that you don't get lost trying to park.

Why we love it

ParkMe Parking is a simple and clean app that makes it easy to find parking rates, reserve a spot, and get to the nearest parking garage without extra fuss.

Take Public Transportation

When you're in a bustling city and don't want to rent a car for a few days or take an Uber or Lyft everywhere (expensive), then public transportation is your best bet. These apps make it easy to plan your trip around town.

Transit • Real-Time App for Bus, Subway & Metro

This app is the ultimate mastermind of public transit systems

Transit • Real-Time App for Bus, Subway & Metro

Find stops near you

For users of public transit who want to be in control.

Public transit can be annoying. Sometimes you're in an unfamiliar area and aren't sure about the routes available. Or maybe you're waiting for your regular bus, only to have it not show up, and are wondering whether it's just a bit late or if you'll have to wait for the next one. Transit has you covered. The app can show you all of the available public transit lines near your location and tell you when the next vehicles are expected to arrive. And if your transit line of interest supports it, you can see the real-time location of whatever mode of transportation is on its way toward you next! The app is also helpful for planning routes, which might include answering questions for you such as "if I need to get to the mall on Saturday by 9 a.m., what's the latest train I can catch?" And to make things more convenient, information about the next departures for lines you mark as favorites show up in the iOS Notification Center widget, along with in the Apple Watch app.

Why we love it

We've found that this is the most comprehensive app for becoming aware of public transit lines surrounding you in supported cities (and a lot of cities are supported!).

Get Around Town

Being in a large new city means it can be tough to get around if you're not familiar. Fortunately, these apps make it easy to get a ride anytime.


This app will always be there when you need a lift


See your ride history

For those who want to use a modern taxi alternative but don't like Uber.

Lyft is another alternative to traditional cabs and taxis, but it is also an alternative to Uber. Lyft lets users request a ride from wherever they are in the city, and you get information about the driver who is coming to pick you up as well as the car that they are driving, so you won't be able to miss them. The app lets you see if there are even any Lyft drivers available in the area, there are different types of Lyft rides that you can get. Fares in Lyft are typically even cheaper than Uber, and you can even tip the drivers after the ride if they provided good service, which is another thing that sets it apart from Uber (no tips). Lyft is a cheaper and friendlier alternative to both taxis and Uber, so if you want a lift around the city, make sure to use Lyft.

Why we love it

Lyft has a slick app interface and it is super easy to use. Plus the company itself is friendlier than Uber and the fares are cheaper. Plus, you can tip the drivers if they provide good service, which is always nice.


Forget old cabs and check out the new modernized taxi service


Find a ride near you ASAP

For responsible adults who would like to save a bit on taxi rides.

Uber allows you to be in control of your taxi ride via your smartphone and smart watch. When you open the app, you'll see the live location of Uber cars near you so you can request for one to pick you up. After being alerted once it arrives, you'll be able to jump into the Uber, get a ride to wherever you're going, and pay the driver securely at your destination. Usually, this is cheaper and more convenient than a traditional taxi. However, it is important to consider that Uber is not supported in all cities, and in many cities where it is supported, concerns have arisen due to lack of regulation. Uber vehicles don't have the same safety features as traditional cabs, and the company is constantly feuding with municipalities over the lack of regulation and establishment as a legitimate taxi company. Keeping that in mind, as long as you're a responsible adult who has a few friends to tag along with you, Uber can be a more fun, convenient, and cost-effective option for travel. Plus, it's not like a regular cab is 100 percent safe, either.

Why we love it

Uber is usually quicker, more convenient, more secure (money-wise), and less expensive than a traditional cab. This all comes from quick access on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Hyperlocal Weather

It's good to know the weather when you arrive in a new place, right? These fine apps will help you keep track of what's happening around you, wherever you go.