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march madness apps

March Madness Apps

The beginning of spring is right around the corner, and the month of March brings us extra evening sunlight, warmer weather, and one of the hottest tournaments of the year. March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament, is almost upon us. Keeping up with all of the games can be tough, and planning your brackets may prove to be even more difficult. But these apps can help.

Watch The Tournament

Tune in to watch every game of the tournament live on your iOS device.

NCAA March Madness Live

Watch every tournament game live on your iOS device.

NCAA March Madness Live

For anyone who loves college basketball, or has a bracket to track.

The app provides live streaming of all 67 games of the NCAA Tournament. You get a three hour free preview. After that, you need to login with your TV provider to watch all of the games. Also, all CBS games are free, but games on TNT, TBS, and truTV require the TV provider login.

Why we love it

NCAA March Madness Live is all about the video. With that said, you can follow all of the live scoring as well. If that wasn't enough, you can also track your bracket if you submit via

Tourney Pick 'Em

Fill out your bracket, and try to win prizes with the most correct picks.

Check The Score

You might not be able to always watch live video, but you can check into the live scores anytime with these apps.

Make Your Own Bracket

Don't worry if you're not the biggest sports fan. You can create your own brackets to pit your favorite superheroes, food items, or whatever you want. These apps can also support brackets for your personal softball team, local pick up basketball tournament, and other similar occasions.

My Bracket: Tournament Maker

Easily create a tournament bracket with your own entires

My Bracket: Tournament Maker

My Bracket: Tournament Maker

For those who manage local tournaments, or just want a bracket showdown

My Bracket is all about giving you the ability to create your own bracket for any tournament you want to track or host. You can manage your local softball team, a pick up basketball tournament, or enter your own custom ideas like food, superheroes, and more. The app offers automatic seeding, a clean interface, and quick custom tournament set-up for your needs.

Why we love it

The customization options allow you to turn almost anything into a bracket. Once inputted, you're given a great looking layout to add a professional look to any bracket you create with the app.

An Excuse To Watch

Last but not least, we present you with an app to help you make excuses. Every year, many people seem to "get sick" when March Madness is going on, causing them to miss work. We at AppAdvice are not saying that it's okay to make excuses for work, but if you want to make sure you don't miss a game, this app just might help you out.