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Toss Out the Sticky Notes, These Handy Apps Will Remind You

Sometimes you just need a quick reminder. Stop at the store when you leave the office, take a break to regain focus, or countdown to an important date. These helpful reminder apps won’t let you down or let you forget.

Start the Timer

Apps that use the Pomodoro method can increase your productivity. They help you stay on track with taking short breaks to regain your concentration.

Tomatodo - Focus Timer & To-Do List


Ming Zhou

Set the timer and get to work

Tomatodo offers a Pomodoro timer and task management in one simple app. Focus your time, tackle to-dos, and view your progress easily.

Be Reminded When You Leave or Arrive

Some of the handiest reminders are those that alert you when you leave a spot or arrive at a destination.



IZE, Ltd.

Maps+ is for power users. With Maps+ you can organize your bookmarks with colors and labels, export them to GPX files, fully customize your location-based reminders, search the map with autocomplete, get the horizontal and vertical accuracy of your current location fix and more.

- Organize with colors and labels.
- Export to and import from GPX files.
- Edit the names.
- Add quickly by long-pressing the map.
- Hide and show all from settings.
- Sort by name or date.
- Share, modify or delete multiple at once.
- Maps+ is optimized to handle a large amount of data.

Location-based reminders
- Tightly integrated with the Reminders app.
- See your incomplete location-based reminders on the map.
- Add quickly by long-pressing the map.
- Create new for any location.
- Fully customize with recurrence rules, proximity, radius, priority and notes.
- Hide and show all from settings.
- Sort by name or date.
- Complete or delete multiple at once.

- In your bookmarks and reminders.
- The map with the help of autocomplete.

Current location
- Get location fix info: coordinates, horizontal accuracy, altitude and vertical accuracy (available on devices with GPS).
- Add quickly a new bookmark or reminder.

- Data by Apple Maps.
- Switch quickly between standard and satellite.
- Tap on points of interest to see more info: phone, website, address, coordinates.
- Hide and show buildings, compass, scale, traffic from settings.

Maps+ is free. You can try out all of its features before deciding to purchase the full version of the app. The limitations are:
- 3 bookmarks allowed.
- Importing bookmarks from GPX files disabled.

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Remember to Focus

Tools that remind you to focus can reduce distractions and let you get back to business.

Forest - Stay focused

Reduce procrastination and contribute to nature at the same time.

Forest - Stay focused

Set an amount of time to focus within

For procrastinators who like games or the environment.

Procrastination is inevitable. You know you should be focusing on something besides your iOS device, but somehow you end up in the Facebook app yet again. Forest hopes to eliminate that distraction with a timer that can be used in a pomodoro-like way, but with an incentive. As long as the app remains open in the foreground while the timer you set counts down, a virtual tree will grow, and you will be awarded coins. The goal is to grow a tree with each timer you set by not exiting the app and, thus, not getting distracted by your phone. Over time, the virtual trees you grow will make up a virtual forest displayed in the app, and you can compete with friends in doing this as well. Finally, coins you gather by focusing can eventually be used to plant trees in the real world once you collect enough.

Why we love it

This app allows users to use timer-based techniques to focus, and actually provides a solid incentive for staying off of your iOS device.

Focus Watch - Stay Focused

Focus Watch - Stay Focused

Andrii Zborovskyi

Focus Watch - Stay Focused

For those who strive for optimal performance.

Focus Watch helps you in planning the tasks you need to accomplish, staying focused on them while running the sessions timer and analysing your progress with insightful charts. Focus Watch perfectly works in background mode, so you can start the timer and switch to any other app - you'll be notified with an alarm when the session ends. It also has AppleWatch support!

Why we love it

It's so easy to track your progress with insightful charts, you can see how many sessions you've spent for any separate task in any given day.

Countdown to the Date

When you need to be reminded of how many shopping days until a birthday or planning time before a vacation, countdown apps save the day.

Due - Reminders & Timers

Due - Reminders & Timers

Due Apps LLP

Due remembers all the things that you need so you don't have to. It‘s impossible to forget anything with Due, because it repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them. Fast, simple and effective. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize. What there is however are what that matters: what you'd like to be reminded about, and an alert that is set up in seconds.

Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder)

Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder)


Countdown App Free (Big Day Event Timer Reminder)

For those who want a simple countdown app for any event or occasion.

Countdown App Free keeps you up to date on how many days, hours, and minutes remain until that important day. For events, occasions, and holidays, the app gives you a widget for your notification center, various attractive wallpapers, and smart reminders.

Why we love it

If what you need is an uncomplicated reminder for events, holidays, and more, Countdown App Free is a great pick.

Never Forget a Thing

For apps that help with various types of reminders, these might be just what you have been looking for.