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St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Cool Apps

Whether you are Irish or just Irish for a day, these St. Patrick's Day iOS apps should help you get in the spirit of the holiday and show your greenest side.

Neat St. Patrick's Day Apps

Cool apps for St. Patrick's Day are a great for countdowns, quotes, and more.

Saint Patrick's Day Countdown

Saint Patrick's Day Countdown

Duncan Cuthbertson

Saint Patrick's Day Countdown

For those who want a countdown app for St. Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick's Day Countdown is the ideal app for seeing just how close that special Irish holiday is. You can see the number of days until St. Patrick’s Day, view the countdown on your Apple Watch, watch the cute lucky clover animation, and use 3D touch for a quick peek at how many days are left.

Why we love it

For a simple countdown on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV, check out Saint Patrick's Day Countdown.

St. Patrick's Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes

St. Patrick's Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes

Atit Purani

St. Patrick's Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes

For those who want quote-themed device wallpapers for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes is the perfect app for inspirational quotes on your home screen. Select from a big collection of St. Patrick’s Day quote-themed wallpapers. Or, just browse through and check out the quotes and share them on social media.

Why we love it

St. Patrick's Day Quotes - Motivational Quotes gives you a great way to show your Irish pride this holiday.

Fun Themed Games

Find a four-leaf clover or pot of gold with these enjoyable St. Patrick's Day games.

Hidden Object St Patrick’s Day
Hidden Object St Patrick’s Day

Hidden Object St Patrick’s Day

Detention Apps

Hidden Objects – St. Patrick’s Day is a magically delicious seek and find game with 30+ levels!

Explore Ireland searching through Dublin, historic Castles and Ruins, Killarney National Park, Grafton Street, Shops, Pubs, Northern Ireland and more! Collect & Find 100’s of Objects!

Find fun Irish objects like leprechauns, pots of gold, lucky charms, potatoes, Guinness, shamrocks and more! Do you have the Luck of the Irish?

Levels vary from easy to difficult. A fun, object quest challenge for Hidden Object, Puzzle, Spot the Difference, Brain & Word fans!

This Brain Challenging Adventure is sure to entertain! “Detention Apps makes the Best Seek & Find Games!”

Hidden Objects – St. Patrick’s Day features:
Gorgeous, Crisp Irish Graphics
3 Game Modes- Traditional, Chill, Adventure
Exciting Levels/Scenes of Hidden Object Puzzles
Artistically Crafted Levels
Zoom to Find Objects
Find Objects by Picture, Word, or Collector
Challenge Scenes with Missing Letters, Scrambled Words and Bonus Objects
Timed Challenges and Hints
Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day!

Game Modes instructions:
Time limits
Hint limits
Picture, Word, Collector
8 Scenes (3 levels per scene)

Time unlimited
Hints unlimited
Picture, Word, Collector
8 Scenes (3 levels per scene)

Time limits
Hint limits
Bonus Bonanza (words highlighted in green)
Missing Letters, Scrambled Words, Word Finder
15 Unique Levels

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Patrick's Dinosaur: Space Dino
Patrick's Dinosaur: Space Dino

Patrick's Dinosaur: Space Dino

Stephen Hartford

PARENT-APPROVED with NO in-app purchases, NO ads. "Young children will be in heaven!” - Best Apps for Kids. “Imaginative and creative game that features dinosaurs, space aliens, things to throw, and even construction equipment."

“Gets kids learning about gravity as they befriend dinosaurs and aliens. A cute game with a lot of heart" - Geeks With Juniors

“Really fun and love that it was created by a family for their son” – The iPhone Mom

In this easy-to-play dinosaur game for kids, you'll try to stop a variety of spaceships with asteroids, hearts and cheese. You'll throw pebbles into treetops until they tip over. And you'll create your own sticker scene with dinosaurs, aliens, spaceships and construction equipment.

Along the way, you'll learn the effects of gravity, black holes, and the benefits of getting along with others.

One day, our 6-year old son Patrick asked if he could make a game where dinosaurs threw boulders at spaceships. It became a family effort, with Patrick and Mom drawing the artwork, Dad coding, and Patrick recording the voices. We hope you have as much fun as we did making it.

Patrick's Dinosaur is kid-safe:
- no ads or in-app purchases
- no links to websites
- no sharing on social media
- does not collect personal information
- complies with all U.S. laws including the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
- includes a parent "gate" behind which parents (not kids) can rate the app, read our privacy policy, and get help

Recommended for ages 4 and up, including adults who want some simple fun time. Built for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (4th+ generation). If you have multiple devices signed into the same iCloud account, your sticker scene and game status will be automatically synchronized. If your device has 3D Touch, tapping harder will throw more rocks at once.

© 2018 Stephen Hartford dba Simple Fun. All rights reserved. The Patrick's Dinosaur name, associated trademarks and logos are trade marks of Simple Fun or related entities.

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Field Day

Field Day

Everywear Games Inc.

Plant crops, complete orders, hire workers, and expand your farm. Field Day offers a wealth of activities from adorable animals to many kind of crops. This easy and accessible game is designed for short sessions that can be played throughout the day.

* Create your own farm
* Unlock new crops and animals
* Fulfill orders to gain gold
* Complete order and missions
* All in 3D and designed for watchOS 4 and iOS 11
(NOTE: Field Day requires iOS 11)

* Use Digital Crown or swiping to scroll and access Orders
* Plant crops on the land slots
* Fill Orders to gain gold to purchase new slots
* When the Postman appears close to the Farm he gives missions
* Access the Town by swiping right in iPhone (tap buildings)
* Completing missions will unlock new crops or upgrade existing ones
* If you get stuck and can't fill orders, tapping the coin icon in the order pad twice will cancel orders and new ones will appear
* You cannot run out of gold and you'll always have enough to plant the cheapest crop

5/5 Amazing, best Apple Watch game! I will GLADLY give this game 5 stars!
5/5 This game is fun! And extremely addictive!
5/5 This is the best game for my Apple Watch. I love it so much!
5/5 I love this game so much. It is very creative and I love how it uses both the phone and Watch for different things and not the same thing.

Everywear Games is the first game studio to focus entirely on creating gaming experiences optimized for Apple Watch and iPhone.

PLEASE NOTE: Field Day is completely free to download and play, but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Thank you!

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Share Your Spirit With Stickers

Send a little luck of the Irish to your family and friends.