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5 Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone 7

The Verge is looking more desperate by the day...
September 22, 2016

A recent tweet from a well-known tech publication explains reasons not to buy the newly released Apple iPhone 7. Unfortunately, the reasons listed are so short sighted that it makes you question their motives.

On Wednesday, this tweet from The Verge caught my eye. It’s a 44-second video telling you why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s newest handset.

If you watch this video you’ll realize that the reasons listed are kind of ridiculous. In fact, while the video claims to show five reasons not to buy the iPhone 7, in fact, the list only mentions three reasons.

Three very stupid things.

Reasons No. 1 through No. 3 focus on the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack (yes we’re still talking about this). The Verge claims you’re going to need “lots of adapters and dongles.” Really? Says who? I’d bet that for most people, the included Lighting headphones are the only headphones they’re going to need. And even if they do have an alternative pair they really like, Apple includes a Lightning to 3.5mm jack in the box.

It doesn’t stop there. I kid you not, this is the site’s fourth reason:

It looks exactly the same as an iPhone 6 in a case minus the headphone jack.

Seriously, they can’t get over the headphone jack? It’s unbelievable. They’re hanging on so tight to this narrative that I can’t help but think that this is more about generating page views than conveying an actual opinion.

So basically, four out of the five reasons listed not to buy an iPhone 7 has something to do with the headphone jack.

Here’s what I’d love to know. How many of the people who are contributing to these articles and videos are using an iPhone 7? I can’t help but think that it’s quite a few.

I used to love The Verge when it first launched. It was truly a place that felt like they tried to cover technology in a way that wasn’t so … nerdy. It felt like it was more about thinking about where things were headed, not hanging onto the past.

Nowadays, it seems like quite the opposite. It feels like a place that mostly complains about the steps technology is taking, rather than trying to understand the reasons behind it.

This video is a testament to that.