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5G mobile data plans helping cars communicate with each other

5G Mobile Data Future Gets Even More Real with Intel and AT&T

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January 4, 2017

The two titans of our cellular present want to move to a 5g mobile data future, and soon.

Both Intel and AT&T have exciting new plans to bring faster 5G mobile data speeds to consumers in the near future. Intel revealed a new 5G modem, which the tech company hopes will drive an accelerated move toward new 5G standards. AT&T, on the other hand, is planning its own roadmap and testing plan for the inevitability of next-generation 5G mobile data, without waiting for a standard at all.

Intel, maker of chips and modems for mobile, laptop, and desktop computing platforms, has a 5G mobile data modem that will both get other companies to accept its own 3Gpp 5G standard, while also allowing the “internet of things” as well as vehicle-to-vehicle communications to help improve emergency response and self-driving vehicles in the future.

“With 5G, autonomous vehicles will be able to make decisions in milliseconds to keep drivers and vehicles safe. Drones will aid in disaster recovery efforts, providing real-time data for emergency responders. Smart cities will monitor air and water quality through millions of sensors, giving them insights needed to provide a better quality of life.”

- Aicha Evans, Intel

According to Apple Insider, AT&T has its own plans to move forward as well, with plans for speeds of up to 1Gb per second in 2017, and trials with 4G LTE and 5G video trials with the DirectTV Now platform.

AT&T plans to do its work without waiting for a standard in the 5G mobile data space, hoping to perhaps do its own type of driving the technology forward.

“Our 5G Evolution plans will pave the way to the next-generation of higher speeds for customers. We’re not waiting until the final standards are set to lay the foundation for our evolution to 5G. We’re executing now.”

- John Donovan, AT&T

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