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Ada's Study is a Puzzling Adventure Set in Victorian London

March 18, 2024

Ava Lovelace is considered the world’s first programmer. And in the new game Ada’s Study, you can dive into Victorian London mystery and discover an epic secret.

You’ll start by entering Lovelace’s study at the urging on famous Nikola Tesla and the Society of the Crossed Keys.

Full of dust, it’s obvious that no one has been around for years. It’s full of desks, cupboards, books, and a huge number of notes.

She has been hiding something, and you’ll need to work your way through all the challenges to find the answer. But you’re not the only person investigating.

Similar to other popular games like The Room and The House of Da Vinci, you will be tasked with solving mechanical puzzles that connect to a larger narrative of the story.

While solving puzzles, you interact with objects tactically with natural touch controls.

Even though the game is a bit short, it provides a unique and interesting mystery to solve.

Ada’s Study is a $1.99 download on the App Store now. It’s designed for the iPhone and all iPad models.

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Ada's Study
Ada's Study