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Adidas Fitbit Ionic

The Adidas Fitbit Ionic Arrives to Take on Apple Watch, Nike

That iThingy You're Wearing
February 27, 2018

The ongoing battle between Adidas and Nike is about to extend into the wearables market. A special edition Adidas Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is now available for pre-order, six months after the original Ionic was first announced and released.

Priced at $329.95, the Adidas Fitbit Ionic includes all of the features found on the regular Ionic, but with some extras. These include six unique workouts and an Adidas-designed clock face.

The Adidas-branded workouts each relate to some aspect of running such as strides and pacing. The clock face features the Adidas logo at the top, block-like numbers for the time in the middle, and a bottom stats row featuring steps taken, current heart rate, and the date.

New Adidas Edition Ionic bands are also set to arrive on the market.

Adidas’s partnership with Fitbit sounds a lot like the one between Nike and Apple with the Apple Watch. Nike branded Apple Watches offer unique clock faces and themed exercise routines. There are also Nike Apple Watch bands available in various colors.

The Fitbit Ionic offers advanced health and fitness features, including personalized training, running companion, and swim mode. It also includes GPS, heart rate tracking, Fitbit Pay, and the ability to store music for offline listening. The regular Ionic version is available for $299.95.

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