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Beats Pill+ Speaker Black and White

Amazon Beats Apple's Beats Pill+ Speaker Discount

December 13, 2016

After making the AirPods available today as well as delaying the W1-equiped BeatsX headphones, Apple has discounted the price of its popular Beats Pill+ Speaker. But if you’re a big Amazon shopper,┬árest assured, you can still get this speaker cheaper than what Apple is offering it for, so long as you get black.

While these discounts aren’t massive, they are discounts none the less, and who doesn’t want to save money? The only caveat is that Amazon isn’t offering the Beats Pill+ in red, only in black and white. If you’re willing to go with black, Amazon is offering it for $188, which is $11 cheaper than Apple’s offering. The white, however, is still at $199 which matches Apple’s discount.

Features include a 12-hour rechargeable battery, a built-in speakerphone, and a nice soft carrying case.

Amazon says if you buy now, you’ll receive it before Christmas.