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Siri Remote Home Button

Switch Your Siri Remote Home Button Back to Normal on the Apple TV

Here's a quick tip for anyone with tvOS 10.1
Apple TV
December 13, 2016

Recently arriving for the fourth-generation Apple TV, tvOS 10.1 features the TV app that is designed to make finding content to watch even easier. But it also introduced an interesting change to the Siri remote Home button.

A few steps

A few steps
How to change the Home button behavior.

Previously, with earlier versions of the Apple TV software, pressing that button would send users back to the main home screen. But with tvOS 10.1, that button will open the TV app.

Since the TV app is still a work in progress and mostly useful for viewers with a supported pay TV provider, most users would probably prefer the old behavior for the button. Fortunately, with just a few clicks, you can banish the TV app from your remote.

First, head to Settings and then select Remotes and Devices. Then you’ll need to choose the Home Button section on the screen. Currently, it shows TV app, but with one tap it will switch to Home Screen.