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Amazon Echo 2

Amazon Echo 2 Might Be Similar to Apple's HomePod

The next generation speaker could arrive this fall
Apple HomePod vs. Google Home vs. first-generation Amazon Echo
July 13, 2017

The current wave of voice-connected speakers started with the arrival of the Amazon Echo nearly three years ago. As the company prepares the Amazon Echo 2, it’s turning to a familiar name for inspiration, according to Engadget.

According to a new report, Amazon is “working on a new Echo that will improve on the first speaker in practically every way.” In doing so, Amazon is “aiming to take some of the hype away from Apple’s HomePod.”

In this regard, the Amazon Echo 2 will be both shorter and slimmer than the original. Additionally, the new model’s expected to come with rounded edges and a cloth-like covering. Inside, the device will have several tweeters instead of one for improved sound. The device should also have improved microphone technology.

Little else is known about the Amazon Echo 2, including its release date and price. However, Engadget thinks Amazon’s planning a fall release, which sounds about right.

The $349 HomePod is set to arrive in December. Given that the specs mentioned above sound a lot like Apple’s speaker, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Amazon Echo 2 launch early in the fall … at a price much less than $349. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, would which speaker would you rather buy, the $349 Apple HomePod or a slightly less expensive Amazon Echo 2 with similar specs? Let us know below.

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