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Skinny Television Bundle

After Pushback, Amazon Cancels Plans for Skinny Television Bundle

Apple's Competitors
November 15, 2017

Apple isn’t the only company that’s been unable to play ball with broadcast and basic cable channels to create a so-called skinny television bundle for customers. Amazon has also struck out, according to Reuters.

People familiar with the matter say Amazon has determined it wouldn’t make enough money based on current discussions with networks. The reason: the industry “couldn’t break with decades-old business models” which requires companies to offer traditional TV bundles.

Amazon’s desire to create a skinny television bundle comes at a time when younger viewers are dropping traditional cable or satellite TV packages. This shift in viewership was one of the reasons Apple had also hoped to create lower-cost TV bundles. Talks between Cupertino and key networks also broke down over similar issues.

Despite Amazon’s failure, skinny bundles do exist. Companies like Hulu, DirecTV, Google, and Sony have all created such products in the last few years and months.

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