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Animal Restaurant is Celebrating its 1st Anniversary with a Cameo from YouTube Star Prince Michael

September 24, 2020

In the year or so since Animal Restaurant first went live, it’s been downloaded more than 10 million times globally, as well as reaching the top 10 free games on Google Play in ten different regions. That’s no mean feat.

To celebrate the milestone of its first anniversary, DHGames is holding an anniversary event in Animal Restaurant. From now through September 30, you can enjoy a range of login rewards, including wallpapers, new mementos, customer letters, and a whole new dish to master.

Plus, as an extra special treat, you’ll get to serve Aaron’s Animals YouTube star Prince Michael right up until December 17.

In case you’ve somehow neglected to play it so far, Animal Restaurant is an adorable casual time-management game in which you find yourself running, yes, a restaurant for animals.

You’ll find yourself trying to keep a business going while satisfying the whims of a vibrant cast of animal patrons, including rabbits, llamas, foxes, badgers, geese, pandas, and countless others, all rendered in a charming, elegant art-style.

It looks like a stylish children’s book with a French name that you might buy as a present for someone you’re trying to impress at a boutique outlet for $30. Except it’s free. And a game.

As well as serving customers and listening to their stories you’ll decorate your restaurant, hire new feline staff, cultivate your garden, and more. You’ll even get the opportunity to involve yourself in your customers’ lives.

And those customers include Prince Michael, a feline with a super-refined palate who craves a very specific set of dishes. To invite this celebrity YouTuber into your establishment, all you need to do is unlock fortune cookies recipes from the in-game shop and reach a high enough rating.

After all, famous people don’t eat just anywhere.

To get involved in the birthday celebrations, download Animal Restaurant for free right now on the App Store or Google Play.