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Anker iPhone 7 ToughShell

This Anker iPhone 7 Case is Just $2

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January 10, 2017

Amazon is a fantastic deal on the Anker iPhone 7 ToughShell AirShock Protective Case when you use the special promo code. If you’re looking for a cheap iPhone 7 case or perhaps you just want a secondary case just in case your current one breaks, this one is a fantastic deal.

Anker iPhone 7 Case

Anker iPhone 7 Case

The Anker iPhone 7 ToughShell AirShock Protective Case. This case, while similar to the clear case above, has even more protection as stated by the name. The sides of this case have what Anker calls “airbag technology” which offers shock-absorption and the raised corners safeguard against hard impacts. This is the case you buy if you’re a little more paranoid about breaking your iPhone during a drop.

Reviewers seem to like this case too, giving it a 4-star rating from just over 100 reviews. Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

The Apple OEM case has a large opening on the bottom leaving the phone vulnerable. This case closes that gap and gives plenty of room for whatever charger you need–which obviously should be an Anker Lightning cable! Needless to say I love this case and it makes my matte black iPhone 7 look better. Love the smoked look. This case was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review but that doesn’t matter because I happily give Anker my money all the time as I am a huge fan.

The best part is that this case is just $2 when you use the coupon code HSVUIWO6 at checkout.

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