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AppAdvice Podcast Episode 11: Typing Up Tickets To An App Store Indie Gaming Pavilion And Silent Apple Update

Apple Announces
March 22, 2017

Join us as we punch our tickets to a big journey through the indie developer gaming pavilion, and steal some time for new Apple products.

Apple offered a stealth product update, and that was just a backdrop to the overload of indie games on the App Store to talk about on episode 11 of the AppAdvice Weekly Podcast. This week, we discuss a quiet Apple update, simple building game, challenging golf based platformer, ball rolling adventure, matching strategy mash-up, great bit of storytelling, fourth person adventure, all new word game style, color fill puzzler, stealth based card game, and more. It’s time for the AppAdvice Weekly Podcast Episode 11.

BitCity (Free, Universal)
Golf Zero (Free, Universal)
The Big Journey ($1.99, Universal)
Ticket To Earth ($3.99, Universal)
Oxenfree ($3.99, Universal)
Pavilion: Touch Edition ($3.99, Universal)
TypeShift (Free, Universal)
Trilogic ($1.99, Universal)
Card Thief ($1.99, Universal)

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