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Apple AirPods Guaranteed for Christmas

Yes, You Can Still Get a Pair of Apple AirPods Guaranteed for Christmas

But, it will probably cost you a lot
December 14, 2016

Still hoping to get a pair of Apple AirPods guaranteed for Christmas? There are a few ways to do this, although it will probably cost you.

On Tuesday without warning, Apple began accepting orders for the company’s long-delayed $159 AirPods. Within 20 minutes, delivery dates for the truly wireless earbuds shifted from Dec. 21 to “four weeks.”

If you were able to order a pair of AirPods with a Dec. 21 delivery date, good for you. For everyone else, there are a few options available to get a pair before Dec. 25 for yourself or as a gift.

Wait it out

It’s possible some Apple retail stores will have a few AirPods in stock beginning next week. The same thing could happen at brick and mortar Best Buy stores, although they are also showing a four-week delivery window on new online orders, so nothing is guaranteed.

Going this route is risky, of course. However, it’s the least expensive one to make.

Best Buy's listing

Best Buy's listing

Yes, eBay

Your best bet for getting a pair of AirPods before Dec. 25 is through eBay. At the time of this writing, there are 182 listings for “AirPods” on the site, although many of these aren’t for the actual device.

Not surprisingly, going this route is going to cost you. Many of the “Buy It Now” prices on eBay are in the $400 to $500 range, with auctions starting at around $200. (Some truly enterprising sellers are hoping to have a great Christmas for themselves by listing their AirPods in the $2,000 range.)

There are two important points to consider before buying a pair of AirPods on eBay. First, make sure the seller isn’t new on the site and that they have an excellent seller rating. Second, check that the guaranteed delivery date is no later than Saturday, Dec. 24. Some listings have delivery dates extending into the end of December or early January, which is something to keep in mind.


Gift It

Rather not pay a premium for a Christmas gift? Print out your order confirmation and place it in a beautiful card. Another way to go: Give your recipient an Apple Store gift card and let them decide what to buy.

Remember ...

There’s no doubt that AirPods are going to be one of the most sought after gifts of the holiday season. Still, don’t go overboard. These earbuds are certainly going to be in plentiful supply before the end of January. Understand this before making a purchase that might quickly lead to buyer’s remorse.

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