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App Approval Process

What's New: Apple's New Policy Could Slow the App Approval Process

Apple's Software
March 20, 2018

The app approval process for iOS could get slower thanks to a new policy change taking effect in April.

Beginning next month, app developers will no longer be able to edit the “What’s New In This Version” section without going through the App Review process. Additionally, support URLs in App Store listings will also be subject to the process.

The news was first posted on the iTunes Connect portal.

Until now, developers could easily edit the “What’s New” section without waiting for Apple to approve an app update. This was convenient for removing errors in the listing such as typos.

Cupertino hasn’t said why it has decided to change its policy. Instead, we’re left with this statement:

Upcoming changes to app information fields

Starting in April, you’ll only be able to edit your app’s support URL, marketing URL, and “What’s New in This Version” text when submitting a new version of your app.

On the surface, this policy change doesn’t make sense, especially if it slows down the app approval process. What say you? Let us know below.