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Apple Arcade Adds the New Trash Cleaning Game Scrappers

April 10, 2020

Trash is king in the new Apple Arcade game Scrappers.

Trash Your Way to Victory

Trash Your Way to Victory

Set in the not-so-distant future, up to four players can take on the role of robot garbage collectors. The Scrappers need to clean up a grimy city by cleaning up trash as fast and efficient as possible.

And there’s more to do than just collect trash. You’ll have to fend off rival teams who try to attack and interfere with your collection efforts. Thankfully, you’ll have a variety of unlock able weapons to use.

There are four different themed area with more than 20 stages to explore while playing.

To get even better, you can unlock and recruit a wide variety of Scrappers to your team. Your garbage truck can also be customizes with more than 100 different parts.

The game is controller compatible.

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