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iOS 11.4

Apple iOS 11.4 Forecast: What to Expect With the Update

Apple's Software
April 2, 2018

With iOS 11.3 available, attention now turns to iOS 11.4, which should be making an appearance for developers soon. Here are the features that should be part of this new software update for iOS devices.

iOS 11.4: The Skinny

iOS 11.4: The Skinny


What: iOS 11.4 will be the first point-four update for iOS devices since iOS 8.4 arrived in June 2015. That update included the first version of Apple Music.

Why: Apple has already confirmed iOS 11.4 exists. It made the announcement in late March when it introduced ClassKit for education apps.

When: Apple’s likely to unveil the first iOS 11.4 beta version soon to developers. A public release should follow before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, June 4. It’s on that day Apple is likely to announce iOS 12.

iOS 11.4: New Features

iOS 11.4: New Features

The following new features could arrive in iOS 11.4:

ClassKit works with Schoolwork, a new iPad app that will help teachers and students keep track of assignments and progress.

With ClassKit, you can help teachers easily discover specific learning activities in your app, take students directly to the right activity with a single tap, and securely and privately share progress data to help teachers personalize instruction.

Announced during last year’s WWDC, AirPlay 2 was supposed to arrive with iOS 11.0. Instead, we continue to wait for the software update that will bring “multi-room audio” from iOS devices.

We’re also waiting for Messages in iCloud, which was also announced last year. With the feature, you can see all of your iMessage conversations synced between iOS devices and Mac using iCloud.

The feature was available on all beta versions for iOS 11 and some beta versions of iOS 11.3. However, Messages in iCloud has not yet arrived in a public version of iOS.

We’ll let you know when iOS 11.4 arrives for developers and what new features it includes.