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Apple iTV

Is the Apple iTV Once Again Close to Becoming Reality?

Sketchy New Images Suggest Cupertino Has Resurrected its Apple Television project
Credit: Softpedia
iTV mockup
August 16, 2017

Four images recently leaked on China’s Weibo site suggest Cupertino is once again working on bringing an Apple iTV to the market. This news comes three years after most assumed the company had abandoned its plans for a so-called “iTV.”

As you can see below, the new images are low quality with some looking like they came from an old school video reel. Nonetheless, they do provide some renewed speculation to the notion Apple hopes to produce a television. The leaks also comes at a time when Apple seems to be getting serious about becoming a bigger player with original programming.

It wasn’t that long ago when iTV rumors came at a fast clip. One prominent Apple analyst, Gene Munster, then of Piper Jaffray, assured us many times an Apple television was forthcoming. Instead of getting the iTV, the company revealed the fourth-generation Apple TV in 2015.

I’ve always thought Cupertino would eventually get around to releasing an actual television. After all, this is a company that loves to control product software and hardware. Nonetheless, I’m not confident this new leak provides proof an Apple iTV is coming anytime in the coming weeks or months.

What say you? Do you hope Apple does eventually release a television? Let us know your opinion below.