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Apple Promises More Live Sports Providers are Coming to the TV App

Apple's Software
December 6, 2017

Along with the highly anticipated launch of the Amazon Prime Video app for the Apple TV, Apple also mentioned more about the new Sports section of the TV app.

The TV app is also available in iOS 11.2

The TV app is also available in iOS 11.2

While the section is launching with support from ESPN and the NBA, Apple promises that more providers will be added soon.

Using the TV app in both tvOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2, users can keep track of both their favorite teams and games live and in real time. The feature is only currently available in the United States.

After opening up the Sports section of the app, you’ll see upcoming games.

You can also browse by sports and view previous games.

At the very bottom of the section, you can select the banner and then choose favorite teams in a wide variety of different leagues. Games involving favorite teams will be added to Up Next and you’ll also receive a notification when the team is about to play.

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