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Apple Reportedly Out of the Standalone Monitor Business

October 28, 2016

If you hoping Apple would eventually released a standalone 5K display, you should probably give up. Apple is reportedly out of the standalone display business for good, according to the The Verge’s Nilay Patel.

During yesterday’s Apple event, Apple unveiled two new LG displays, a 4K and a 5K display, purposely built for the new MacBooks in collaboration with the Korean company.

The two new displays, which will be available later this year, both feature Thunderbolt 3 connectivity so that MacBook owners have an easy one cable solution. The 4K model will retail for $699.95 and the 5K model will retail for $1299.95 on and presumebly at Apple retail stores.

Apple has officially discontinued its own branded Thunderbold Display after years of not being updated.

As much as I liked when Apple made Cinema Displays, I’m not really upset about them no longer offering a standalone monitor. What I am interested in is if this means they are discontinuing the Mac Pro line. With no updates at yesterday’s event, many are begining to wonder if the company will treat its Mac Pro line the same as the Thunderbold display. It’s hard to say, honestly, but three years without a Mac Pro update is a pretty damn long time.

I’m starting to think that maybe they will and then perhaps offer a iMac Pro or something to appease the high end. I’m not sure if that will work, though. We’ll just have to wait and see.