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Apple Support's Twitter account is a mega-hub of iOS advice

Cupertino is trying hard to turn @AppleSupport into the real deal, and it's replying to customers' problems at an impressive rate
Apple Announces
March 5, 2016

The surprise launch of Apple Support (@AppleSupport) on Twitter left us unsure how the account was going to be maintained. Some had even suggested that Twitter could serve as a replacement for the age-old Apple Support Communities forums. During the days following @AppleSupport’s launch, however, it seems the account has been surprisingly active. In fact, the account itself has been posting Twitter updates and replies at a rate of 100 tweets-per-hour.

More than just maintained

More than just maintained

More than just maintained

Our original coverage of the account's launch

According to MacRumors (which cites data collected from Keyhole, an online Twitter analytics company), the Apple Support Twitter account has indeed been publishing around 100 tweets an hour since its launch a couple of days ago. And rather than the fairly useless and highly generalized iOS “tips” published as the account’s first couple of updates, most of the tweets sent from @AppleSupport have been directed to actual customers, with actual problems.

The data shows that the account, and related tweets, have already generated over 124 million impressions, with 44.6% of users viewing the tweets from an iPhone. 77% of the account's followers are male.

- MacRumors

I’m pleased to see Apple take this approach. As I’ve said before, the current level of customer support offered by Apple (at least here in Britain) falls far below what you’d expect from the company, and its in-store Genius experience is fairly horrendous. Angela Ahrendts has been working on improving the store experience offered by Apple, both online and in brick-and-mortar locations, and the launch of @AppleSupport is a smart move.

So, if you have a problem, it looks like @AppleSupport is indeed here to help. For more information on the account’s activity, check out Keyhole’s analytics.