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Apple Unveils a New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini With M1 Processor

November 10, 2020

As expected, Apple has unveiled the first new lineup of Macs featuring the Apple-built M1 processor. A new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are available to order today and will arrive starting next week.

M1 Powered

M1 Powered

There are no design changes in any of the new models. The big upgrade is inside with the ARM-based processor.

Along with a big step up in processor power, the chip provides a substantial increase to battery life. For example, the 13-inch MacBook Pro offers up to twice as long of battery life as the previous model powered with an Intel processor.

Another great feature with the M1 processor is the ability to use iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac.

The MacBook Air starts at $999 while the 13-inch MacBook Pro is $1,299 and up, You can purchase a Mac mini starting for $699. That’s the same price as the previous models.

All of the new models will officially arrive next week.

macOS Big Sur Arrives Thursday

macOS Big Sur Arrives Thursday

And the new version of macOS, Big Sur, will officially arrive for the general public on Thursday.

The software offers a revamped design with a refreshed dock and better Notification Center.

Safari is also getting better with new customization options including a better tab design and extensions available in the Mac App Store.