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Apple Updates its COVID-19 App With Anonymous Health and Symptom Sharing

June 9, 2020

Apple’s COVID-19 was recently updated with the ability to anonymously share health and symptom information to the Centers for Disease Control. The new features were first reported by TechCrunch.

Users can share information including their age, existing health conditions, symptoms, possible exposure risks, and the state where they are located.

The information will be used to help the CDC improve its screen protocol for COVD-19.

Apple says that absolutely no personal identifying data will be associated with the information.

Apple COVID-19 is designed for the iPhone and is free on the App Store.

The tool is also available on the web here.

Originally arriving in late March, you can use the app to answer questions about risk factors recent exposure, and symptoms about themselves or someone else. You’ll then see CDC recommendations about the next steps like when to contact a medical provider.

You can also find access to resources to help stay informed and get support including the most up-to-date symptoms from the CDC.

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Apple COVID-19
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