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Google Maps, Amazon, eBay Apple Watch Apps Quietly Vanish

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May 1, 2017

The Google Maps, eBay, and Amazon Apple Watch apps have all quietly disappeared from the App Store. First noticed by AppleInsider, all three companies have offered no official explanation for the watch apps removal.

A changing focus

A changing focus
Checking eBay auctions just wasn't practical on the Apple Watch.

Checking eBay auctions just wasn't practical on the Apple Watch.

All three apps were apparently removed with recent updates to the respective iOS apps. The removal wasn’t mentioned in any of the release notes and went virtually unnoticed.

While the Amazon and eBay apps were practically unusable on the Apple Watch, the Google Maps removable is probably the most interesting.

Along with showing directions on the wearable devices, the app did offer the ability to compare ETAs from walking, driving, biking, and mass transit directions. Users could also call businesses and get directions from a list of places.

With watchOS 4 widely expected to be unveiled in June at WWDC, the Apple Watch is beginning to mature as a platform. And I’m not surprised to see some major companies decide that developing an Apple Watch app isn’t practical.

Apple has positioned the watch as a top-notch fitness tracker and notification device, and the app rush has taken a back seat. There are many practical, interesting uses for the Apple Watch, but every single iOS app just doesn’t work on the small screen. Companies are starting to figure that out, and I expect to see other Apple Watch vanish apps as well without any fanfare.