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Apple Watch Series 3

Some Apple Watch Series 3 Wearers are Having Issues in Hospitals

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January 3, 2018

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, a number of Apple Watch Series 3 users are suffering from random reboots when in specific environments in hospitals.

The reboots seems to be caused by some type of equipment in ICUs:

The common thread appears to be using the Apple Watch in the intensive care unit of some hospitals. This suggests there may be specific ICU-related equipment used in hospitals that could be interfering with Apple Watch Series 3 with or without cellular.

We learned about the issue from a reader who says he purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 for his wife for Christmas so she can conveniently check her messages at work in the ICU. After regularly experiencing reboots every 60-90 minutes when wearing Apple Watch in the ICU setting, they had the Apple Watch replaced with a new unit but the issue persists.

Users have reported that putting their watch into airplane mode apparently stops the reboots but render the Apple Watch as a simple timepiece.

While the problems are affecting Series 3 units with and without LTE, older Apple Watch units don’t seem to be having the same problems.

You can read more about the issue in an Apple Support thread.

It’s unknown whether Apple can fix the issue with just a software update.