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Apple's Craig Federighi Shows How the New iPad Trackpad Feature Works

March 18, 2020

One of the biggest surprises in today’s new iPad Pro unveiling is that Apple will offer full trackpad support starting with iPadOS 13.4 that arrives next week.

Starting With iPadOS 13.4

Starting With iPadOS 13.4

The feature should usher in a number of cases with built-in trackpads, including Apple’s own Magic Keyboard that will arrive in May.

And in a new video with The Verge, Apple’s Craig Federighi shows off how the trackpad will work.

And along with the video, the site was able to get more information on how the feature will work.

According to the site, the pointer won’t always be on the screen and will only appear when you touch the trackpad. The pointer will also be a small circular dot.

But the cursor can also change depending on what’s being pointed at.

A trackpad also supports some gestures like on a Mac.

Apple’s iWork suite will be updated next week as well to take advantage of trackpad support with new features. The trackpad will work on all third-partt apps.