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iPHone 7 Leather Cases

Apple's iPhone 7 Silicon and Leather Cases Drop To All-Time Low Prices

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December 27, 2016

Amazon is offering Apple’s iPhone 7 Silicon and Leather cases at roughly 15 percent less what you can get them for at Apple retail stores. This is by far the lowest price you can currently get them for.

Apple Silicon Cases

Apple Silicon Cases

If you’re a big fan of Apple’s silicone cases, now is the time to jump on getting one, with Amazon offering them for $29.75 for the iPhone 7 and $34 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Most of us love putting cases on our phone, but unfortunately, the vast majority of cases out there cover the Apple logo, something many iPhone users enjoy having exposed.  With Apple’s silicon iPhone 7 case, not only do you get crazy grip but you also get to keep that Apple logo.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases normally go for $35 and $39 respectively, but today you can grab them for 15 percent less. Not bad!

Apple Leather Cases

Apple Leather Cases

If you’re a big fan of leather cases, then we think the iPhone 7 leather case is the best one you can get. Not only are they well-crated and look great, but they wear beautifully in a way most other cases do not.

What’s also nice about the iPhone 7 leather cases is that they have these new clicky metal buttons that feel exactly like you’re pressing the buttons on the iPhone itself. Prior to this year, this was something you sacrificed as the buttons were covered by the leather case and felt somewhat mushy.

Again, just like the silicon cases, these iPhone 7 leather cases are discounted nicely. You can grab one for the iPhone 7 for $38 and one for the iPhone 7 Plus for $42.50.