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Unlock Doors with Apple Watch

August Owners Can Now Lock and Unlock Doors With Apple Watch

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April 18, 2018

The latest August app update gives you the ability to unlock doors with Apple Watch. And yes, you can lock them too with a simple tap on the wrist.

August Smart Lock
August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled
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* price at time of publishing was $149.99

The new compatibility works with any August Smart Lock version and any Apple Watch with watchOS 4 or higher installed.

To begin using the August Watch app:

  • Update your August Home App on your iPhone to version 6.7.10 or higher and make sure your watch is running WatchOS 4 or higher.

  • Launch the August Apple Watch app on your watch. You may be prompted to login on your iPhone to sync your lock(s) with your watch.

The new Apple Watch lock/unlock feature is available to any user who is set up as a house Owner. You can promote a house “Guest” to an Owner:

  • Open the Guest List in the August app

  • Tap the Guest that you would like to promote to an Owner

  • Update the Access Level to Owner and save the changes

Are you looking for more? You can also add your August Smart Lock as a watch face shortcut through an Apple Watch complication on your watch home screen.

As a long-time August user, I’m happy to report the Apple Watch tool works as expected. It’s great for those times when I happen to be without my iPhone and need to lock or unlock the front door.

Get the app:

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August Home
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