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Awesome Gamifies Positivity with its Innovative Social Media App

July 8, 2019

Social media is a mixed blessing at best. On the one hand it lets us communicate more easily and share gifs of kittens falling off chairs. But on the other hand it facilitates the spread of negative, hateful, and downright depressing sentiment into all of our lives.

When you look at some of the awful stuff that social media has given rise to – stuff like #gamergate – you have to wonder whether the pros outweigh the cons.

Fortunately, we’ve just come across a pretty gigantic pro in the form of Awesome, a new app that seeks to inject fun and positivity into our virtual social lives (which, let’s be honest, are more substantial at this point than our actual social lives).

Here’s how it works. Awesome lets you create a social media profile and then challenge others to complete various kindly tasks, as well as completing them yourself. These tasks are broken up into categories such as Homelessness, Charity, Family, and so on.

You can challenge your friends to buy coffee for a random person, send flowers to a patient in a hospital, give away your spare change, and much more.

On top of these challenges, you can also buy fun, animated virtual coins and gift them to your friends. These are personalizable, too, so you can add your own message to make them extra meaningful.

The more you positivity you spread, the more this shows on your profile. Your picture is surrounded by a glowing ring that gets brighter and brighter, and then changes color and becomes more animated when you level up.

In short, Awesome gamifies positivity, turning kindness into an irresistible obsession with tangible rewards in the social media realm.

So if the latest Twitterstorm or Facebook meltdown has you despairing about the social media world into which we’ve all been thrust, like it or not, you should give Awesome a try.

Download it for free right now on App Store and Google Play.