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Bernie Sanders chimes in on where Apple should manufacture

All Things Mac
April 6, 2016

Yet another presidential hopeful has spoken out against Apple’s practice of manufacturing the majority of its products in China. In an interview with New York Daily News, Bernie Sanders voiced his thoughts that Cupertino should move more of its manufacturing facilities to the United States. This mirrors Donald Trump’s insistence that Apple should make its products in the United States.

We're going to get Apple building their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.

- Donald Trump

In his closing remarks at Liberty University, Trump came out hard against Apple for its manufacturing policies. The billionaire insisted that, if he were elected President of the United States of America, he would somehow force Cupertino to move its production back to the U.S., rather than conducting so much of it overseas. Sanders took a much milder approach to the debate.

No, Apple is not destroying the fabric of America. But I do wish they’d be manufacturing some of their devices, here, in the United States rather than in China. And I do wish that they would not be trying to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

- Bernie Sanders

We have yet to hear from Ted Cruz on Apple’s manufacturing facilities. However, the candidate did suggest that Apple should have complied with the court order compelling it to assist the FBI in unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone 5c. That court order, of course, is now a moot point.

It’s not so much about price, it’s about the skills.

- Tim Cook

Bringing all of Cupertino’s manufacturing to the U.S. isn’t as simple as just flipping a switch. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the problem in late 2012, and reaffirmed that he did consider it Cupertino’s responsibility to create jobs within the U.S. Just not necessarily manufacturing jobs, because the American educational system isn’t prepared to produce enough people with the skills needed for modern manufacturing processes.

Okay, much of Apple’s manufacturing takes place overseas. It’s an unfortunate fact, but Cupertino still creates a wealth of jobs within the U.S., in a wide variety of fields from marketing to development and nearly everything in between. Cook stated in 2012 that the tech giant had created an estimated 600,000 jobs within the U.S. I think it’s time to back off about where Apple manufactures its products, and focus on companies that aren’t generating new hires for American citizens.