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watchOS 6 is Here With Its Own App Store and More

All Things Mac
June 3, 2019

At today’s WWDC keynote, Apple unveiled watchOS 6 for the Apple Watch.

The biggest addition is a standalone Apple Watch App Store. You’ll be able to download and purchase apps directly from a watch. Apple will also allow independent apps that don’t require an iPhone to run.

Apple will also bring three built-in new apps – Voice Memos, Audiobooks, and Calculator.

There will also be a number of new faces in the software.

Another big addition will be a streaming audio API so you can listen to content just using the Apple Watch.

To no surprise, Apple also added a number of new health and fitness features like activity trends, hearing health, and cycle tracking for women. Activity trends will offer a better look at how your fitness compares to a longer time period.

Hearing health will show you how loud a certain location is.

The software will be in developer beta during the summer. It should arrive for all users sometime early this fall.