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Best Buy Offers a Nice Apple Watch Discount for the Weekend

Considering picking up an Apple Watch? This could be the gentle nudge you need
That iThingy You're Wearing
April 22, 2016

Apple isn't expected to release an upgraded Apple Watch until September, and even then, it's more than likely the smart watch won't receive the hardware redesign users have been calling for. This could mean more prospective customers are willing to give the first-generation model a try, and there's been no better time: U.S. retailer Best Buy has just launched an Apple Watch sale in time for the weekend.

The deal goes like this: for two of the mid-tier stainless steel Apple Watch configurations, customers can pick up a $200 discount for this weekend (until Monday). The stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop and stainless steel Apple Watch with Black Sport Band are the two configurations we’re talking about: you can pick up the former for $449 and $499 (for the 38mm and 42mm models, respectively), and the latter for $349 and $399 (for the same respective sizes).

Both indeed mark a $200 discount on Apple's prices.

Back when the Apple Watch launched, I opted for a stainless steel model with the Sport Band, though I'm no longer a fan of this particular strap (it caused a rash on my wrist). After moving between a couple of different bands (including the HyperLink stainless steel bracelet, an Apple Classic Buckle, and a Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff), I've more recently settled on an imitation Milanese Loop band from Amazon, which cost me around £15 (as per Karen Freeman's recommendation). It's in fact a perfect replica of Apple's own band, but costs a fraction of the price. It so far looks and feels great, and my long term plan is to stick with it.

Best Buy's discounts are available now: aside from the Apple Watch, the retailer is also knocking $70 off the iPad mini 2 (a device you shouldn't really purchase due to iOS 9 performance problems), and a range of MacBooks. All can be accessed at Best Buy's website.