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Big Changes Are Coming to AppAdvice

We want your input to make AppAdvice even better
AppAdvice Announces
October 4, 2016

AppAdvice’s primary mission has always been to offer you the best app news on the planet. With this in mind, we’ve been hard at work on making our website even better.

In recent weeks and months, we’ve been revamping our “Best of” lists to include iOS, tvOS, and iMessage apps. Very soon, we’ll be releasing a new AppAdvice app for iOS. (Yes, it’s true.)

We’ve also been working on an updated home page, which we believe makes our site fresher and easier to navigate.

We want to hear your opinions on this new home page and ask that you take part in a very short survey.

Beta site

Beta site

You can find the beta home page at this link. You’ll find a Feedback link on this page.

Let us know what you think — both good and bad. Your thoughts are very important to us as we complete this revamp.


Please note: Some of the links on the beta home page aren’t quite ready, but they will be when the page officially launches.