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Blast Everyday Annoyances to Bits in Task Attack

Blast Everyday Annoyances to Bits in Task Attack

August 7, 2018

Instead of aliens, most of us probably have more mundane everyday annoyances. And in the new shooter Task Attack, you can relive some of the fun of 80s games like Galaga while blasting pie charts, carrots, and more to bits.

Task Attack

Anyone who has ever played an arcade game, or is a fan of retro titles, will be right at home in Task Attack. You ship will automatically fire while you attempt to hit the target and avoid shots from the ​enemy. You’ll just need one finger to play.

In the first level, gamers will need to make short work of the invading aliens. But after that, things begin to get weird as a host of everyday objects start attacking.

There are six levels each with an invading task. My favorite was definitely carrots, I hate those things and enjoyed blowing them out the sky.

Once you complete the story mode on normal, you try the game on the hard and master mode.

Along with the story mode, there is an infinite play level where you try to hold out as long as possible to get a high score.

The game’s 8-bit graphics look great, and the original score should also make you pine for the days of shoulder pads and really bad hair.

Task Attack is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models and can be downloaded now for a limited time for $0.99. After its launch sale, the app will be $1.99.

In the retro, space-themed shooter, you'll be destroying objects like carrots, pie charts, and more along with alien ships.

Task Attack
Task Attack
Daniel Colman